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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Vazz, May 3, 2017.


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  1. Hello, I recently came up with a effect and this is how it goes. It is a coin vanish. So your holding the coin in your dominant hand, and place the coin in the other hand with your pointer finger. As soon as your pointer finger stops touching the coin. The coin vanishes instantly. Very little/no sleight of hand. You can show your hands empty. Impromptu and you can use the other persons coin. You can also use a ring or any small circular object. I recommend a coin though. You can also make it reappear any time. VERY EASY TO DO NEARLY SELF WORKING. It truly looks like real magic.

    I'm thinking about selling this for 2-5$, what do you guys think? How much would you pay?
  2. That looks pretty cool! I would probably pay up to $3, maybe more depending on the quality and the actual tutorial!
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  3. Ok thanks!
  4. Yeah, $3 sounds about right. I'd buy it, as long as the teaching is clear and the video quality is good. Also depends on the angles that it works for.
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  5. It works for all angles except for one. When the person is lying on the ground and you are performing it right over their head... which I don't think I have seen anyone do that yet... LETS START A TREND.
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  6. Haha, fair enough. Sounds pretty great, let us know when you've got it up!
  7. Okay sweet :).
  8. Any good names you guys can think of for this Effect?
  9. Once the 7 Day Poll is Up, I will post this to the marketplace for the most voted price on the poll.
  10. I dunno, something that makes it clear that it's a different effect than a typical retention vanish, and indicates that it disappear in a flash, which is uncommon in coin magic.
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  11. Is that good?
  12. I don't follow. Is what good?
  13. Is the fact that it disappears instantly good.
    Yeah. Its like a strike vanish, but completely different handling.I can see my self using it as more than just a vanish, maybe even a load or a production.

    Cuttle Coin? Like a cuttle fish, but its a coin. Idk.
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  14. I like that, it's catchy. Maybe Cuttle Coin Vanish, just to make it more clear what type of effect it is?
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  15. Sorry, I thought you were giving it a review.
  16. Yeah, I got that, sorry. I was responding to your question about what to name the effect.
  17. Some other useful applications for this Effect.

    An Easier Alchemy Magic Trick. (coin change to strawberry/anything small.) different method keep in mind.

    A 1$ Coin Change to 2$ Coin. Spectator can keep :).

    A coin to shoe, coin to spectators pocket, coin to wallet, coin to underwear. Etc...

    Coin going into Apple is Problaby my favourite. I will be teaching all of these tricks in the video also.
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  18. This is great! Would definitely pay $3 if it was clear video with clear teaching etc.
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