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  1. Here are two of my tricks i want to publish on the wire

    1.Card trick-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=mbgvG4iGU-M

    I dont have a name for it and this is just a performance,ofcourse i will re-edit the video and explanation and put it on the wire if u guys like it.I have changed the ending of the trick.(but still just tell me if u like the current ending)

    2.Super Pen-http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=APj1mBMZrZk

    So would u guys buy these two tricks on the wire?
  2. Honestly? I wouldn't as the principles aren't original nor have they been tapped to their full potential. A work in progress but it could be good some day :)
  3. I agree with Josh, the moves aren't original, and the application is just "OK" at best. Keep trying though - I found myself asking "Why?" at the end of the effects.
  4. I agree with the other comments, I could easily follow each move you were doing because I already know these moves. You are just using old moves for new tricks. But really, it's nothing new. When creating magic, I always ask myself first: What would I like to see another magician do? or What would fool me? Then I work on a method to achieve that. Everyone has their own style obviously, but go for ground breaking. Don't settle for something that is just decent. If you keep at it I am sure you will stumble upon something good and worth while.
  5. I don't like them.I won't download it if it would be free.
  6. I like the routine, but it all has been done. You need to find a method that hasnt been used before ( and I know that it is hard to do, as so many effects have been created already) but there are still undiscovered techniques out there.

    gabemagggic, It would have been nice for you to have given your critisism in a constructive way, the way you sound is like bashing and would be hurtful to you if someone would have said that to one of your effects. He is trying, and doing well. You may be more advanced... but you were where he was one day too.

    Keep it up Mukund, you'll find something great soon! :)
  7. I agree with everyone, what was the point of it?? I do agree i wouldn't even download it if it was free.
  8. keep working on the pen one and make it have more phases and more originality
  9. Those are both cool, I don't understand where everybody is going with the origionality. The pen effect looks like the color changing wands mixed with scribble but I don't mind it. The other trick looks cool. Does anybody know who would have done it before? It looked origional to me and I considered my self well read. I don't mean to put anybody on the spot but the card one looked origional.
  10. thanks everyone
    and i am glad goattears u liked my tricks
    but now what about calen morelli's scribble
    the moves are not even orignal plus the trick is quite obvious and still T11 is sellling it.
    The tricks which u saw above were not intended to fool magicians but intended to fool laymen.
  11. Let me chime in for a few moments...

    I don't think that a trick has to contain new principles to be good. Very little is completely new anyway. Nor does it have to fool magicians. They're typically comments from magicians who want the next greatest thing.

    However, that doesn't mean that they're completely wrong either, and there have been a few short but insightful comments about where you need to go from here. You've got a trick that, ok, isn't the most original thing in the world, but more importantly, it hasn't been developed well enough. This is my biggest worry about The Wire - if quality control isn't set strictly enough, every magi and his wand will be able to release mildly creatively but half baked ideas like Devin Knight, Jay Sankey and Kevin Parker have a habit of doing (although at least the first two release good stuff periodically).

    You need to give your trick some meaning, some purpose. Since you're not introducing anything new technically, in terms of sleights - and that's completely fine! - what people will be paying for is the way in which you've combined existing sleights. In other words, the final trick has to become greater than the sum of its parts. Commonly, this is done by giving it a new presentational angle, using sleights in novel ways, or giving the trick meaning/direction/purpose. Again, not having new sleights or an original plot is completely fine - but something about your take on the effect has to containing something new; you have to have something to say, to add to the great body of magical literature.

    I realise that this could be said of many tricks on the market. You'd be correct in pointing that out. There's a reason I've bought very little magic recently. But regardless, this has not yet happened with your trick, and for that reason I wouldn't advise submitting it just yet.

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