Would you perform this?

Discussion in 'The Marketplace' started by _Dan_, May 11, 2012.

  1. Not really original

    Its not a terribly original effect
  2. Yes I have noticed this, but i think mine is done differently.
  3. No. Not because it's not original or anything (I do not know the method), simply because the plot is not practical: you basically waste a deck per performance. But the effect looks great!

  4. Thanks! And actually you can use the deck more than once! I've used the deck many performances! You can also do more than just the knife effect. If I release it on the wire I would show you what else you can do and how to make it so your not throwing a deck away after every performance.
  5. It looks like a Nathan Kranzo effect. It's a nice effect but I don't like ruining my cards :/
  6. This is very similar to an effect I put out last year called Threek except the card is stuck to the top pack with the tip of the fork coming thru their signed card. (Or knife or whatever)

    There have been similar ideas. A guy in France uses a wine opener. He's right, you can re-use the cards with these methods. You only ruin 1-3 cards depending.
  7. I'd perform it man. Whether it is original or not doesn't change whether I'd perform it or not.

    Obviously whether I'd actually perform it or not would depend on the practicality of the method.
    Also the knife as I don't usually carry one round :p And I don't think telling the feds it was for a magic trick would quite work :p

    But ultimately the effect I like.
  8. Thanks a lot! And Bizzaro thanks for letting me know about your effect. It looks similar, but not the exact same of course. Oh and you can also do Knife with a signed card!
  9. I wasn't familiar with the plot so I didn't know the deck was re-usable afterwards... but it's great then! Can you perform it with a swiss army knife? I will definitely look forward for you effect!

    Marc-Antoine Denis
  10. I don't know if a swiss army knife would work. Most likely! It just has to be sharp enough. And thank you !
  11. I agree with Marc on this one
  12. Yes! I would perform this effect, in fact I do.. it makes an excellent closer.
  13. It exactly the same as Nathans effect in Boondock mentalism.
  14. i would definitly perform this. i think i figured out the method and its pretty practical. its also great because it works for all types of magicians: stage, street, close up. you should release it.
  15. I say do your research to save yourself a headache later.
  16. It's not the exact same method of doing it. It just looks similar.

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