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  1. Hey guys!

    I was on E and I saw WOW 2.0. This effect looks really cool so I decided to look up the original WOW and try to spot the differences. I searched in the T11 forums for everything related to WOW and I couldn't find many differences, and frankly, I'm confused.

    So... In WOW 1, you put in a card chosen by a spec and then it gets lost in the deck. A separate card is placed in the sleeve and then slowly transformed into the original card.

    A few questions already:
    - Is the card forced?
    - Can you sign the card?
    - It probably isn't REALLY lost, is it?

    Now... on to WOW 2.0. Firstly, what's the difference between WOW 1 and WOW 2.0? I've also found that you cannot hand it out.. unless you buy some sort of extra sleeve? If I get the WOW 2.0 on E does it come with this... hand-outable sleeve? This sleeve does not come with instructions on most places.

    I'm just SUPER confused and could really use some help.

    Thanks you guys,

  2. Let me try and clear a few things up for you. No the card is not forced, they truly can select any card. Also, it can be signed. It really is their card at the end of the effect. And no, the card isn't really lost, but really what card tricks do you actually lose their card?

    The difference between the two is a few new additions. WOW 1 was just the original release of the effect by Masuda and it came with the gimmick and written instructions teaching a certain way to perform this effect. The method taught is a bit unnecessary, as you can perform just as great of an effect with an easier method than described. It's not very hard to come up with your own handling. WOW 2.0 is a re-release of this effect and contains the same gimmick, but it comes with an instructional DVD, which shares other ideas. Also, now you are able to purchase a face down version of the gimmick, where they see a face down card change, while the original is face up. I don't believe that the effect comes with an ordinary sleeve, but I know that you can buy them separately. They're expensive, but it definitely helps avoid suspicion.

    I hope this helps,
  3. Thanks for the help Charlie! So.. WOW 2.0 is on E and is performed face down. WOW 1 on the other hand is performed face up and slowly/quickly changes into their card and is then pulled out from the slip. The slip CANNOT be examined. Then you can buy a slip that can work with WOW 1/2 that makes it completely examinable, card, slip 'n all?
  4. also, does it have to be performed with a red/blue bike deck? Or can I use anything else?
  5. There are two versions of WOW 2.0. One has a face down gimmick and the other has a face up gimmick. Both have different applications, however I prefer the face-up version which isn't sold on E for some reason. You can buy it from Penguin Magic though. WOW 1 is the same as the face up version of 2.0, except that 2.0 comes with an instructional DVD and the face down gimmick is the same principle, but can only change from a face down card. They can both be done slowly, however, like I said, I think the face up version is better. While you can clearly show the slip empty before and after you perform the change, you cannot let them examine the slip as they will mostly discover the secret within a few seconds. The examinable slip is a slip that you can buy separately that look identical to the gimmicked slip, but there is nothing hidden in it and really is nothing but an ordinary card slip. This is helpful to switch with the gimmicked slip so you can hand them the examinable slip, yet they think that's the slip you just used for the effect. The examinable slip cannot be used for the change, as it's an ordinary slip.

    Personally I would buy the face up version of 2.0 as I think that's the best there is. The facedown version has more possibilities, but I prefer the original using the face up version. Also, i don't think the examinable slip is worth the money, as you pay a lot of money for a sleeve that does nothing. With the tright presentation, they won't even want to inspect the gimmick.

    Also, the face down version needs to be done with bicycle cards and they must be a specific color. The face up version can be done with almost any deck, as long as it uses standard sized cards with standard faces.

    I hope that helped.
  6. That helps a LOT Charlie! I think I'll be getting the face-up version soon enough. Thanks a lot for your fast and insightful help!
  7. Yeah no problem. I'm glad to help. This is one of my favorite effects. If you find the product on Penguin Magic, there's a podcast of Alvo Stockman talking about it and he describes how he uses the gimmick and his justification for using the sleeve. It's a great idea and that's how I use this effect myself.

  8. I think I'll grab it from my local magic shop for like... the same price or $5 more.
  9. I have WOW 2.0, facedown version. Thrust me, there is nothing better to end your ACR than with that. It is my most requested effect. Now, couple of tips about facedown version. It looks really much better if you do it quickly, when the card just hit them in the face, than to do the slow transformation, because, in my opinion, it doesn't make much sense. It's better to make one card slowly transform into the other card, than to make a back design slowly transform into the face of the card.
    Other thing is that it is also strange to use the sleeve for face down version, away from the rest of the deck, since the card goes in face up, and somehow ends face down, and than face up again (if that makes sense). The only way I can see that done, is if you do some kind of a routine where card constantly ends up in different direction (ie. face up) from the rest of the deck, and then use the sleeve to visually do that in front of them. Again, it's an idea to work on, but I just use it as an ACR closer at the moment.
    You can wrap the deck with the gimmick on top in rubber band, to make it sleight of hand proof, or what I like doing more is to wrap it up (or not) and than tell the spectator to place their finger on top of the deck, so they can be sure, it's not sleight of hand. And than the card changes under their finger, which is a really strong moment.

    Now I have a question. I still didn't come up with the reason for placing the facedown WOW gimmick on top of the deck, at the end of the routine. I usually talk about Houdini and his abilities to escape from cages and stuff, which sucks, I need a better reason. Usually I have some business cards wrapped around the gimmick, which is on the table the whole time, so I just "randomly" use "this plastic that holds my business cards" to sleight proof the deck. Any better ideas?
  10. Well I have both face-up versions wow 1.0 and wow 2.0, I don't know if someone already told you but the only difference is that in 2.0 you can remove the plastic in the back so instead of being a sleeve it becomes something like a panel, hope you understand..

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