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  1. Is the WOW sleeve worth it? The videos look kinda cool, but I'm rather unimpressed with the overall effect. Am I alone there? (I'm guessing not.) To me it just looks like an excuse for a bad Erdnase color change or something like that.
  2. Um...are you watching the right video? The wow change is pretty much the most visible change available.
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    It just doesn't appeal to me. Probably personal taste. (Call me crazy if you want.) Maybe the videos I've seen don't do it justice. (I've seen the promo's on Penguin.)

    EDIT: I just watched promo on Penguin again... I find Visual Vanish 2 much more magical and impressive. There's something about WOW that doesn't look that magical to me. I remember the first time I saw the Visual Vanish 2 video and how completely amazed I was, I can't say the same for WOW.
  4. its not for everyone thats for sure.
    i use it personally and its my "go to effect" if i just want to wow someone (hence the name)
    its all presentation. even tho the effect is KILLER.
    think about it. try to figure out how you would use it in a routine before getting it.

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