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  1. So, I just got into class and this girl sitting a table away from me says "Hey, you are Robby, Zac's friend right?" I was kind of puzzled because I don't recall ever meeting this girl. She looks at her friend and say's "OMG he does magic you should see it he is amazing!" I laughed (but had no recollection of when I showed her anything). She says that she remembered me showing them some magic with her, Zac, Zac's parents, Mark, and a few other guys after Sylvan Beach Day...

    Now I remembered...That was almost two years ago...

    Wow...feels good that after that period of time, someone still recognizes me and remembers my magic!
  2. "for my next trick, proceed to my bedroom"

    guaranteed to work or your money back.
  3. Now if that would be a YouTube comment, I would instantly thumbs up it :D

  4. plus one like
  5. Congratulations, I'm glad for you. Keep up the good work.

  6. considering the ages of the people here, that quote makes me barf a little.
  7. That's amazing. That must mean a lot to leave that kind of impression on someone, good job man.

  8. That's what I was thinking too.
  9. It happens to me all the time. I use to work a lot of bars and I get hassled a lo when I go out to bar with my mates.
  10. is she hot?????
  11. mention of somebody talking to a girl and already we have multiple comments about "going to the bedroom" and "is she hot." Too bad we can't actually just discuss about how awesome it is that our magic can make such an impact on somebody that they remember it for YEARS.
  12. And people wonder why there aren't many girls in magic...
  13. or why they aren't going anywhere with their magic...
  14. Honestly, I was just surprised so many of these people knew what a girl is, being magicians and all. hehe.
  15. oh lighten up
  16. There's some things to lighten up about and other things to grow up about. I'm not a "player" or whatever you may call it, but I love woman. I don't love them because I'm trying to get them in bed. That's not loving a woman, that's disrespecting a woman. If you're doing magic for them and they enjoy and the first thing that pops into your head is "Maybe she'll have sex with me." you have your priorities wrong. I take offense to this because my best friends in the world are female, my girlfriend... is obviously female. I have many sisters as well. I don't even look at my girlfriend as a sex object. Let them enjoy a moment of magic without sexually harassing them with their minds. The end.
  17. Good to know there are other Gentlemen in the world! some of my best friends (including my two BEST friends) are girls.
  18. Congratz on being remembered Robby, it's always a good feeling to have someone recognize you from one encounter years ago.

    On the side topic, I thought the forums had gotten better about comments like that...I guess these things come in waves.
  19. Honestly, I didn't care that it was a girl or what she looked like or anything like that. I was just stunned at the fact that she remembered me from years ago. It was way cool. I never had any thought of how "hot" she was or if I could get her in bed. Maybe it's because I have a girlfriend...and even if I didn't...I'd rather at least take her on a nice first date. haha
  20. lol at people getting riled up this easially.

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