Wrath - d+M teaser

Discussion in 'Product Questions and Reviews' started by tally-ho, Jan 27, 2009.

  1. that teaser toally makes me want to buy it...

    sarcasm much
  2. Uhm...
    What's the effect?

  3. no clue. (stupid word counting)
  4. this looks AWSOME! i dont know whut it is but its awsome! i have the old wrath but is this one
  5. I guess we just wait til jan. 30th lol
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    Thats wassup
  7. i like lighters.....:D

    d+M's tricks have not let me down so far...i might pick this up later
  8. Fire always brings a smile to my face.
    Seeing d+M in the corner holding his head would make me guess it doesn't have the same effect on him :p
  9. I love D+M, but this trailer was pointless.

    I mean, what's the point of taking the time and effort for a trailer, if you don't even show anything?
    Oh well, I can't wait to see what it is.

  10. I do too. But don't kill yourself accidentally and die................... I like that word.... DIE!!! (yu-gi-oh the abridged series reference) :p
  11. Yeah, i kinda agree I don't really see the point of the trailer. As far as i can tell from the video the effect is: you have some one pick a card, light the deck on fire and their signature appears on the card... then you disappear from the chair you were sitting in. o_0
  12. To create speculation and to cause people to want more.

  13. Based on what I saw I'm guessing the effect is that the cards are put in the box, the box is lit on fire and everything disappears exept the spectator's card. I could be wrong though.
  14. There is a reason this is called a TEASER and not a TRAILER.
  15. no dude. If you knew anything about movies, it's called a teaser TRAILER, and then there is the theatrical trailer. They are both suppose to show small clips that preview the movie.

    Now some movies like The Dark Knight and D+M's video Teaser trailer's were pointless. They showed nothing.
  16. no. no more discussions of batman. anyways it doesnt matter what the trailer looks like, because i have yet to be disappointed by him. I posted this to show that it is probably going to be released soon.
  17. Well atleast on the Dark Knight teaser you heard the butler "Alfred" talking, d+M's you see a chair...Im going with the british butler on this one.
  18. That's nice but magic teaser's are different.
  19. I have a jacket similiar to the one he's wearing in the video.

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