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  1. Company: Sans Minds Productionz
    Artist: Will Tsai
    Price; $29.95

    Ad Copy:

    Will Tsai , creator of Human Lottery Roller, Infinity Ring, The Traveling Tag, Stealing Technique, Mind Projector... and nearly 30 limited released killer effects along with 22 private manuscripts that were once only available for the top of the field and a small circle of close friends.
    Now, he's sharing his creative mind with one of his recent talk about miracle!
    This almost looks too impossible that magicians all over the world have been debating over the Internet about it until now...

    The performer introduces a blue backed deck of cards, fans them out, breaks the spread, and shows them all to be different. A card is selected and remembered and the deck is closed. Placing the deck face down, the performer's hands waves over the deck and instantly and visually, it changes to red! Not just the top card, but every single card in the deck is now red! But that's not all!

    Fanning the spread face up, every single card matches the spectator's selection. Every. Single. Card. Amazing!

    Highlights: Yes, the spread can be broken and every card can be displayed in full view before and after the change. No odd movements. Just a simple spread and re-spread. Yes, you can allow the magic to happen in spectators' hands and end clean if so desired!

    Oh, and did we say there was no force in this effect?
    Comes with core presentation - "Eye of Perception" from Will Tsai, additional tips and handling from buddies such as the legendary Paul Harris and all time genius Andrew Gerard.

    My initial thoughts after seeing demo: That is the most fitting name of a magic effect ever. I literally sat there feeling like Will Tsai had opened up my skull and was punching me in the brain.

    Before I continue, I must note that WTF cannot be purchased at this time. I got it in the initial run. SMP is planning on re-releasing it again though. I think the reason that it's out of stock at the moment is that they want to supply the necessary gimmicks and produce a DVD for WTF.

    What I got: What you got with WTF in its initial release: 1 PDF explaining the trick and 10 supplement videos to go along with it.

    How gimmicked is it? You know when something looks that good, there's a gimmick. It's only SLIGHTLY more gimmicked than a ID. You don't want to hand this to someone, just as you wouldn't an invisible deck.

    Sections: The PDF is broken down into two sections: The Visual Change Card and Making the Deck.

    Both of these sections are very clear. I know Willie said he isn't very good at English (Bull crap. He is very good at it) but there were very few spelling mistakes. I followed along very easily with the PDF.

    The Visual Change Card Right off the bat Will credits another magician (I won't name who because it would give away how Will did this part) for the gimmick. BUT, Will made the gimmick first, and someone told him that it had been invented. Will actually tells you to go buy the gimmick from that guy to save some time.

    After the crediting bit is over, Will teaches you how to make his version of the gimmick, which may take a little bit of craftsmanship on your part. I have to hand it to him, it's very clever. After seeing this, I realized you could use it to accomplish Change by DM.

    Overall it would not be very hard to make and I do plan on making this eventually. I'm just really lazy.

    Making the WTF Deck Will took a very old concept that you guys love and made it even more awesome.
    He explains the necessary materials to make it, which aren't too bad. I think the trick is well worth buying the extra materials. *I hope the re-release this with the gimmick deck with the DVD, though*

    Making the deck isn't very hard. In fact, you can do this in around 10 minutes after you make a few of them. You will want to pay very sharp attention to what you're doing when you make it otherwise it won't work. *I know you can't buy this but I'm just reviewing his initial release*

    Ever step is written in clear detail and you would be able to follow along easily if you had to read the PDF

    The Handling: I am a firm believer that WT is a genius after seeing his privately released effects and his publicly released effects. WTF is another effect that solidified this for me. The handling in WTF is brilliant. It is so easy to make the effect work. But to get it to look like what Will has done will take time, which the effect absolutely deserves.

    Will teaches the handling for the visual change and the deck change.
    He highly recommends putting a lot of practice in to the visual change not because it's hard, but for it to hit right with the spectator. The handling for this is not hard at all, though Will says its no easier than sleight of hand. (I disagree)

    The Deck Change Handling is bloody fantastic. He teaches how to change the backs, and then another to change the face of the cards. Both of the changes are almost the same in handling and simplicity.


    This I actually don't think was covered. But anyway, the angles are only bad (I say bad but they aren't really really bad) on the initial change. After that I'm relatively sure this could be done surrounded. I wouldn't worry too much on angles with WTF.

    Presentation: Will goes over his which is his very basic scripting for the routine. It's not bad at all, and would serve you well if you didn't want to go to the bother of making your own.

    At the end of the PDF Will gives you the tips that Paul Harris and Andrew Gerard gave him for WTF. Their advice should be heeded as it's really good advice that will ultimately make WTF that much better.

    The Real World:

    Is WTF practical: Yes. It's self contained.
    Can WTF be examined: Hell no. Don't let that scare you. Go learn a deck switch
    Will it play well: You saw the demo. I think that it would play very well in the real world. Keep in mind the spectators will want to examine the deck. I've found that doing a deck switch and using Will's patter will be very effective at this point.

    Bottom Line: It's gimmicked as hell. It looks amazing. It truly is a WTF moment for magicians and lay people. Learn it.

    *The ad says no force. This isn't technically true, but at the same time it is true. It's very hard to say without giving anything away.*

    I give this 90%


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