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  1. Do you guys know of any United States online store that carries red and blue wynns? Thanks.
  2. I believe Kardwell sells them (a brick for 30 bucks)...

    But please, next time, just do a google search or check eBay. It really isn't THAT hard to find them...

    Also, this thread should be in product questions.


  3. the1eyedjack.com
  4. I have a lot of Brown Wynn's if anyone is interested.
  5. Lots of store sell them... its just finding the right price for them.
  6. Wynns aren't hard to come by online. Just try to find a good price for them.

  7. Dont' go to kardwell, their shipping cost is unbelievable. Their lowest shipping cost is $15!!
  8. Do you guys think this cost is good? 12 red and blue wynn decks and 1 brown limited edition deck for $45.00
  9. Do you honestly need that many cards?
    Unless your getting them signed or gaffing the cards and handing them as souvenirs I dont see a point really.
  10. Buy at your own risk. Often these kinds of cards are the ones with the cut corners or hole drilled through the deck. Just saying.

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