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  1. ok so i was serching the web like crazy and found a website that had wynn jumbo brown decks. if any one wants to know aboutt em let me know soon. apparentley they wont last long
  2. Why didnt you just put a link to the website so we could check it out?
  3. i was gunna but thay sold out like 5 mins after i made this thread. i mean there are wynn blue and red backs left i post a link
  4. You can generally find the red and violet pretty easily. Its those browns that are elusive little buggers.
  5. What is a resonable price to pay for brown wynns?
  6. You can expect to pay between $30 and $35 but they have gone for more than $60. Keep your eye out and something will come along. I think a reasonable price would be 35 or under and well worth it I might add.

    These are my favorite cards bar none. I'd take 3 of these decks any day before 1 deck of Jerry's. Thats just me. To each their own and many would take the Jerry's.
  7. I found a place selling about 50 there about, izzit worth it?
    If you want to know how to get it Pm me =)
  8. hey well i mean they were selling them for like 5 mins and now all they have left is the red and violet
  9. I get the feeling if T11 never hyped up Wynns, not many people would be using them. Despite what you have read or heard, Wynns are not rare. Granted, the brown ones are less common than the blue/red ones, but definitely not rare. If your paying over $20 for these, you're a noob that's getting ripped off big time. Let me help you guys out. If you want some, look up the sellers Fullboatdealer (highly recommended, he has a good supply) or 4emagic on eBay. You can get brown Wynns from them for less than $18. There are other eBay sellers, but their stock is more limited.
  10. A few eBay sellers like FBD do - in fact - have some Brown Wynns in stock. We know this because they purchased the Brown Wynns directly from us during the time we made them available. We no longer sell them to anyone, and therefore all remaining (limited) supply will expire shortly. In my eyes, that doesn't diminish any rarity. They are no longer available for public purchase anywhere other than those few eBay sellers that have some remaining.

    That said, they are rare in every sense and implication of the word. Just thought I'd clear this up.
  11. Are brown wynn jumbo face rare?
    Or is it just the normal size poker?
  12. It appears that the brown ones in itself are rare. I am no card expert, but I am yet to see a normal indice brown Wynn Casino playing deck.

    The brown style playing cards are indeed rare. The definition of rare quoted from Google definitions is:

    With this being said, individuals need to stop getting upset. It's simply a personal taste. If you want something bad enough, even just to try it, the twenty dollars may just be worth it. Look at it from another persons' view point, not your own :)

    Hope I was able to shed some light on this
  13. www.exomagic.net

    They are carrying all colors of Wynne's...including Brown.

    Get them while they are hot!

  14. Indeed.... They are very hot. Limited amounts available, amazing prices.

    I'm not sure if you noticed, but your prices are very high. $34.99 for a deck of Wynn playing cards? You know thats an 843% markup right?
  15. I think that "ExoMagic" place is selling the new ones, with the Cursive writing as opposed to the old W.
  16. No, these are the Brown Wynn Icon playing cards. Don't know who told you that they weren't :)

    As in this:
  17. Mr.Moo are you exomagic?

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