Wynn Deck Release Time Unfair?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by goku, Jan 4, 2008.

  1. sorry guys at t11 but I think that it is a little unfair that the wynn decks are being released so late 11est is 4am over here I wont be able to order any and I missed the release last time. All of us here around Ireland ,Spain, Britain or wherever have to wait til 4am and some of us cant do that as we wont have accses to a pc as I am only 14 .

    Why did you hold it of so late.:(
  2. Well theory11 is based in the states, so it's more appropriate for them to release them at a good time for US citizens....am I right?
  3. yeah but why not release it a like 8 eastern
  4. I'm sorry you can't get them, but I am seriously sick and tired of posts like these.

    Look, you can't please everyone, and life is unfair- there's no use wasting space on a forum talking about it.

    For me it's at 11, for people in Cali it's at 9, for people in Russian it's between 7-11 AM...Everyone lives in a different time zone, they picked USA eastern as they are based here. Either figure out a way to get them through someone who is awake at the time, or live without having them...trust me, it's not that hard- it's a deck of cards for goodness' sake.


  5. Dude, i believe you can post almost anything you want on these forums. i agree its not fair.
    youre basically saying "find someone to get some for you or u cant get em....more for me ^^"
    and he can waste as much space as he wants.
    you just want more for youself

    As for you Goku, i know its not fair, and as david posted they cant please everyone. so i really have no advice because i dont live in a foreign place sorry. or you could just come to america! haha jk or you can if u really want but... youre 14 haha good luck man sorry to hear about that.
  6. Really wouldn't matter if they offered to sell them at might GMT. Someone is going to be put out on a time-specific release. It's really not a winnable situation. I feel bad your timezone doesn't mesh well with the time frame that these are being released in but if you really, really, really want one of these decks then just set your alarm clock and wake up about 10 minutes before they are to go on sale, then go back to bed. Viola, you now have the decks you wanted. Plenty of people were doing exactly this during the last release period.

  7. You can't stay up that late? I'm sure if you tried you could. How about sleeping in the daytime for an hour or 2. You could ask your parents to buy you them if you can't stay up that late.
    Or you can go to bed early and set your alarm for 4. Once you buy them you go back to sleep.

    Everything on this site is released at 11est. It's kind of their thing.

    These are obstacles that people have to deal with in their life and they cry out that life is not fair.
    Who ever said that life was going to be fair?
    Some of us are born into rich families and others poor.
    Life is never fair.
  8. Forget about Wynns. Regular Bicycles are MORE THAN GOOD ENOUGH.
  9. i cant try because of religious reasons =\
  10. No matter when they release it, it will be unfair for someone. I'm lucky though, it's like 3pm here :p
  11. Well there are several solutions:
    You could have a friend who wouldn't be inconvenienced by the time purchase them for you, and you pay him back.
    Or you could speak to your parents, or a religious leader about the possibility of rising early to purchase them, obviously it would be best if you respected your religious rules and decrees, but this could be a solution.
    Or (and I don't think you'd like this one) you could just not buy any.

    Hope that helped.
  12. there is this great thing called ebay...
  13. Will definitely take the feedback in and try to schedule at least a few of the upcoming release windows to internationally convenient times-- ie, an afternoon EST instead of late night. Although it's true that whatever time we pick will end up being inconvenient for users in at least a few countries, we'll do whatever we can.

    Tonight's release is up in one hour at 11pm EST -- good luck to all!
  14. Religious reasons? That's a new one.

    It's terrible for me as well because I have to find time when I'm working to get some cards. How is that fair for me?

    Exactly. It's not. You're complaining because of the time? There are people here that are halfway sleeping having to wake up to buy a deck of cards. Some are working, etc.

    It would be mighty generous of Theory 11 to even consider changing their release times but in doing so, they would be putting the same amount of people out, while making it easy for you (that one time)

    Think about that.
  15. But it would still be 1am where Goku lives :p
  16. Hey guys Thanks for your input I didnt mean to actually sound like I hated t11 I just thought that it was unlucky.

    Anyway Some people complained about this post and that it couldnt be made fair but t11 has .
  17. lol you guys are knocking me cuase of religious reasons?
    some1 said i make them up?
    friday night and saterday is the jewish sabbath

    get over it

    and i wasnt even complaining. i was stating.

  18. Uh.....nobody was knocking you bro.

    Anthony Bass
  19. you dont call that knocking?

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