Wynn's Sold Out!

Dec 27, 2007
Brown Wynns Sold Out!
Red and Blue Wynns Sold Out!

Where can I pick up some Wynns?
There an adiction and it need to be feed.
Sep 2, 2007
The Brown Wynn Decks will be back sometime in the beginning of 2008. :D

Until then, the only place to find (uncanceled) Brown Wynn's is eBay.

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Dan and Dave and Theory11 are both out of Wynns of all colors. Your best bet is Kardwell, or a store on eBay (Don't do the overpriced auctions), or GamblersGeneralStore if you get desperate. If anyone is Australia is looking for some, I have 84 Decks coming, so I might be willing to part with a few depending on how much I like them, I don't plan to make a profit, just get rid of excess if I don't like them that much.
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