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  1. ive been looking everywhere for some wynns and i cant find any ive been having some trouble on ebay so i cant get them from there any ideas where to order some wynns?
  2. http://bmpokerworld.com/

    I got you covered man. They will cost some money though. When you get to the site, go to the casino playing cards and there near the bottom. The sites really good with it's stuff, I've never had any problems. Hope it helps.
  3. sorry my bad.
  4. thanks man the brown wynn are very cheep ..other then shipping but great job
  5. If those are cheap, what are they going for everywhere else? (if you don't mind me askin.)
  6. 40 bucks dude
  7. Holy Hell, I didn't have a clue lol. Damn, I better pick some up for myself in that case, thanks.
  8. I just got my 3 bricks of the blue and red Wynn decks from kardwell and personally i would recommend them to anyone who wants to but Wynn decks. Very cheap price and fast shipping, i got mine within on week. :D

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