X Finger Review

Jan 26, 2008
X Finger is the latest release from Papercraneproductions and is created by Geoff Webber, with aditional ideas from Reed McClintock.

It is sold att www.papercraneproductions.com for 19,95 as a dvd or a Instant download.

So what is X finger?

X finger is a principle that allows you to make makrs, small images or text appear,vanish or transform on your fingers vissualy right in front of their eyes and it almost looks like trick photography. There are no gimmicks used att all in this effect and it can be done with any kind of pen as long as the pen writes so it can be seen by your spectators.

So is it impromptu?

I would call this impromtu in a way. Of course you cant make ink appear on your hand without any kind of set upp, but if you do the set upp in the morning you could probably walk around with it set up the whole day without you thinking about it.

The dvd also teaches you some effects.

My favorut effects are:

Seriel Number divination:
You borrow a bill from a spectator, and you wave your hand on the bill or behind the bill and the same serial number as on the bill appears on your hand.

Card revelation:
Someone picks a card, you touch their head and their card is on your finger.

Houdinis needle:
You swollow a needle and you wave your hand and it comes out from your finger, under your skin. A really cool effect but it hurts a bit, but its nothing dangerous. Pretty cool if you are into this kind of things. It would be fantastic do be doing together with thread.

I highly recommend this product, i would recommend to get the download since you probably will be watching this a couple of times and then you got it since its so easy.
Jan 26, 2008
In some effects you end clean in some effects not, but you can clean up.

If you are going to make something appear, you end totally clean and has instant reset so you can do it for other people later that day.
Nov 18, 2008
Thanks for the review. I really like the whole appearance of xf. Sounds pretty versitile also. I think i'll wait for a few more reviews and then purchase the download. Thanks again.
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