X Finger?

Nov 30, 2007
Midlands, England
Okay, I have one final question, I think I have a method behind it - I just wanna be proved wrong. (I'm still buying this, by the way...)

Is it COMPLETELY impromptu? Not a single bit of setup? Not even 3 seconds worth of setup, just get given the pen, the spectators are staring at your hands 100% of the time and you perform it without hesitation?

If so...

-Sam H
Sep 2, 2007
Ellusionist site seems to have updated on this effect, cause now they have some info on it along with a video to boot. It looks pretty darn sweet, and only 19.99? im surprised its not in the typical 29.99-34.99 single trick DVD range we always see(although with x-finger it looks like one can come up with a lot of possibilities with it). I may just pick it up, along with some other goodies(maybe) looks good PCP :) (Paper Crane Productions not the drug).
Oct 5, 2008
New York
An idea just came to my mind. A card is selected, and then the name of their card appears written on your finger! I can't wait to get this.
Sep 19, 2007
it DOES require setup, heck, every trick requires a setup. The setup for X Finger is - Take a deep breath and think of how you would approach your audience.

P.S. setup is totally optional btw xD
May 4, 2008
Hi folks, I've been jumping around the forums to answer questions. Sorry I didn't see this sooner.

Just want to clarify a few points:

Is it really impromptu?
Yes, It can be done that way. It can also be done other ways that might involve a couple seconds of setup. Depends on what routine you want to do. In some cases you can do the setup right in front of people, which in my book, is just as good as impromptu. There are a million ways you can present this trick, so the impromptu-ness will depend on what effect you want to create.

Do you end clean?
For the appearance, yes. You end 100% clean. Otherwise, no. But we do give you some ways to clean up.

Are there angle problems?
Nope. We did this surrounded on the streets at the Columbus OH festival. However for them to see what you're doing they should be in front of you of course.
Dec 10, 2007
so the only way that you can do this cleanly, is to do the appearance as an opener...or do one of the other cooler things featured in the trailer, and then walk away. If you dont walk away, or dont take time to wash up, you will flash. That, or you have to learn to do magic with out one of you hands. I guess you could do this, and then do a bunch of clip shifts lol, and then end your show.

IDK... with the exception of the appearance, this effect really doesnt seem very practical with the method that it uses. If you wanna do anything with cards and coins afterward, you will flash and ruin the effect.
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