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  1. Download this effect FOR FREE using the link below!

    "X Marks the Spot" is a completely self-working effect that happens almost entirely in the spectator's hands!

    The magician signs a card and looses it into the deck. The deck is then handed to a spectator to shuffle behind their back. The spectator draws a giant "X" on the back of a random card in the deck. The "X" card is revealed to be the same one the magician signed at the beginning of the effect!

    The best part is that the effect is so easy to perform, you will literally be performing it as soon as you learn it!
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  2. Michael, just saw this and wanted to say what a fantastic effect! So clean and fair, with a very clear effect. Genius application of existing principles!

    Well done sir, and very generous for you to offer this up for free!

  3. My Pleasure! I felt there was some strong motivation in there that people could learn and apply to their own magic! Plus it is so easy to do! I do not mind offering it up as a good place to start for our newer magicians! :) Thanks so much for the kind words!
  4. I have just started out and tried this one out on a friend. Not only is it super simple and easy, it's great to start and gave me more confidence to do another trick. :) Thanks alot!
  5. Heck yes!!!!! Glad it helped! That is one of the main reasons I put it up for free. It is simple and gets great reactions, so it is perfect for the beginner magician to help build some confidence and performance chops!
  6. The effect is identical to Mark Wilson's "The Double X Mystery" in Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic with the only exception that Mark uses two spectators to mark the cards rather than the magician and the spectator.
  7. Great find! This technique i feel even predates that but i will be sure to include a credit for sure!

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