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Oct 16, 2007
Hey, not sure if its been asked before, but as far as decks go. What have you guys found to be most efective or best looking for flourishes. I have only used black tigers and regular bikes. The ghosts look realy nice to me , but so does teh circle back and fan back tally ho's. I am jsut wondering from your personal experiences which are more eye popping.

Also i have been training with xtreme begginerz, and am looking at the system for my next step up. This a good idea. I am asking jsut bout flourishing things, magic wise i know enough card magic to keep me happy, my first love is coin magic though. But well cards flourish better then a coin roll or 4 coin spread, so you see my delima and reason.

Sep 1, 2007
your skills are what makes a flourish look good. Dan and dave using the crappiest cards in the world, would still look better than a n00b with a Black Ghost Deck or somtehing similar.

however that said, some decks of cards are better than others for XCM. look in the "flourishing" forum for more info on this, and please, please, please, use the search function rather than starting a new thread.

finally, tally hos are GREAT. and cheap. get some of those.
Oct 16, 2007
My question was only meant as what looks or compliments it best. for example the circles on all corners looks very nice for a fan. A card that has a pattern to the edges would give a new illusion to it as well. Skill of course is what makes it worthwhile. For practice i destroyed countless decks of normal bikes, because i can get em at one and a half dollars a pack, and are still very good cards. The gaurdian cards here are nice, i had never seen them before. However the blacklight reactive decks look interesting too, if used in teh proper venue.

But being a coin magician primarily i could use normal half dollars and such, but the old silver ones like walking liberties and morgan's just give a better more proffesional illusion. (for practice i would use the normal of course). thanks for the replies.
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