XPELL by Kevin Parker and Eric Ross

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  1. Effect: A Kevin Parker and Eric Ross collaboration. A visual card to box that'll make them jump. The card box flips into the air after the card is magically transported to the box. The spectator can choose a card from anywhere in the deck! It ends up inside the box while the box reacts. Parker teaches you everything you need to know to take this to the streets and perform for anyone, right up under their nose. The box can even be set in their hand!

    -No strings, wires, threads, or remotes!
    -Can make any card box jump
    -No trick cards are used
    -Box and card examinable

    The video is 19 minutes long, and the teaching is very good. Kevin struggles to express his thoughts a few times, however that is not a problem. The teaching is nice and clear.
    You need a gimmick for this effect, however at the end everything is examinable. I think the downside of the effect is that you have to turn around to look for a place to set the box on, even if you are going to do it in their hands. Another thing I don't like is that there is a noise problem. However, I am sure you could cover it up or use it to your advantage like saying the card teleports into the box and you can hear it's appearance and see the appearance because of the box jumping.
    The gimmick is something uncommon, however I found it in a large store. However, the gimmick was bad quality and the trick didn't work.
    The trick has instant reset which is good. The gimmick costs very cheap and if you cannot find it then you can order it from the Internet.
    The handling of the trick has been well thought out.
    When the box jumps, it is very visual and also very surprising. It still gives me a small shock when the box jumps.
    The ads are true and the method is very unique. This trick is quite practical but you will need to practice with your gimmick to see certain aspects of the trick. Overall, a very visual teleportation of a card into a card box.

    You can get it at http://www.illcenter.com/product_xpell.html
  2. Is it up to the performer when the box jumps? In other words, can you riffle the deck to make the card disappear then look over at the box and it jumps?
  3. You dont have control on when it jumps.

  4. im sorry but this is the worst trick ive everseen and ive seen alot of bad tricks it is a very dumb method and to much work for a really lame not very examanable reveal i dont really like kevin parkers stuff but when i bought this i was thinking something that may not suck but boy was i wrong i paid 17 usd for this this trick isnt worth the space on my computor i would have been mad even if this trick was free a waste of 17 bucks and 19 mins of my life
  5. Jeez... that bad?

  6. My friend wanted to show me this and I said "No, no I don't want to see stuff unless I know I'll get it..." That's honestly how I feel. He assured me this wasn't something I would use so I agreed to look at it. But soon after, I saw that it was a complete joke. We laughed the entire time. Very funny stuff.

    And those little things that stick out the side of the box are called "FLAPS," Kevin.
  7. Lol. What did he call them?
  8. Sadly, he took awhile and just ended up with "these little things."
  9. lol! (short)

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