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    Hey All! This is the first time I've posted. I'm a beginner card magician and just started going through the Xtreme Beginners DVD. Im looking for some experienced advise on the best way to go through it. Master one move at a time. Watch the whole thing and work on a few moves at a time so to keep things different? What are your thoughts? I figured the guys who made the video may even be on this Forum so what better place to start.

  2. Hey SVK2,

    Unfortunately the folks who made Xtreme Beginnerz are not on this forum, but I'll be happy to help you out.

    To start, I would recommend that you take a brief overview of the various sections of the DVD to figure out the areas you would enjoy focusing on first. From there, choose just two or three moves and practice those.

    Once you're able to do them without totally messing them up, swap those moves out for a few different ones. Once you've gotten yourself able to do those new moves, go back to the original ones, etc.

    Keep rotating out the moves you practice like this, and it will make them much easier to learn. If you focus on a few moves for too long without practicing any others, you may find yourself hitting a wall and having trouble improving on them, that's why it's important to "rotate" your practice.

    And remember, most important of all, learn what you like! This is an artform, there are no hard and fast rules about how you "have" to go about it, so don't worry. Learn what you like, do what you enjoy, and practice what you want to know.

    If you need any help on particular moves, let me know. I'm available via Skype to give advice.


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