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  1. “A book both for laymen and magicians.” – Teller

    “Biz is funny. This made me laugh.” – Ed Marlo

    “Hmm...” – Dai Vernon

    “Crazy man. I like.” – Juan Tamariz

    During the month of Mai I challenged myself to stay awake for one day and create as many patterns, sleights and effects as I possibly could. So I packed on food, water and magic materials and gave it a shot.

    After falling asleep flat faced on the keyboard and waking up 6 hours later sipping my own drool, pissed off and motivated, I gave it another try and did it. What follows is the recording of those 30 hours.

    The book takes you on a journey that is both magical and entertaining. From card magic to patterns talking about pregnancy, from complaining about the small opening in the pissing bottle to meeting famous characters from video games, this is sure to have you reading throughout the book without stopping, only to see just how things evolve.

    So, getting to the important thing, you can grab the book for free by visiting the official website:


    And, if you would like to show your love and support for the creators of the project, you can purchase the book for $1 by visiting this link (click Add to Cart):


    Don’t forget to like and spread the words about the project. Tell me what you think about it guys after you give it a look!


    P.S. Regarding the book opinions, I couldn't reach Houdini. He's apparently busy with some escape regarding some coffin. Who knows...

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