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  1. So i am familar with it and i used to perform alot of haunted deck tricks with loops, i quit using then because they were frustrating as they were snapping alot ( they were only £2 off of ebay so not high quality i dont think) but i was thinking about getting either tarantula 2 or spider pen pro, should i purchase them or should i buy yigals loops instead of ebay loops and get used to them again and then buy tarantula or spider pen pro or can you just learn how to use it straight up?
  2. I can make a set of Meiska loops last like 6 months. But I've heard good things about the new Tarantula
  3. They are 2 different things. One is an "moving" ITR. The other is "Static" IT. Both have their pros and cons.

    And don't buy the cheap stuff. Buy Loops or Mesika Elastics (the Invisible thread used in loops).
    Nextm if you are willing to sit through and make your own loops, it is significantly cheaper to buy Mesika Elastics and make your own. You get 100 ft of it for 10 - 15 dollars. That's a little less than 100 loops for 15 bucks, around 6 loops to the dollar (much cheaper than buying a pack of loops). You might want to buy "The inner circle" by Yigel to carry them.
  4. If you are worried about loops snapping ITRs (Spider Pen and Tarantula) are probably worse. There are mechanics involved that make it hard to fix things when they snap.

    Also, pay attention to the methods you are using. Some tricks are harder on the loops than others.

    I'd either change the tricks you do, change the loops you use or drop using IT for now. There are lots of haunted decks and other effects that look like they are using IT that are not.
  5. Didn't they make T2 super easy to repair though?
  6. The IT for Spider Pen Pro is a lot stronger than the standard loops that Mesika sells and is pretty easy to repair. I literally just bought Tarantula II today so I will report on that once I've used it more.

    I can say that you can use Spider Pen Pro without needing any knowledge of how to use Loops. I assume the same for T2.
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  7. If I break the IT with a loop I can pull another one off my wrist and try again. If I break IT with a reel, there's a longer reset, even with a very user friendly reel.

    Personally, I avoid technology. It over complicates my act. I start to get paranoid. Is the device charged? Is it reset? Is is going to work properly? Then on top of all of those worries you have your basic IT worries. Is the lighting right? Is it hooked up correctly?

    For me, loops are simpler and more surefire.
  8. I have the loops, the Tarantula 1 and 2, and even the damn Pen (almost embarrassing to say out loud lol). The loops are great. I would like to get something better to carry them in and they do seem to get fairly stretched out after a good night's use, but overall, they are pretty damn cool.

    I am not a fan of the new Pen Pro because mine never seemed to work quite right and when it did, it just didn't feel right for me. Perhaps a personal preference type of thing, not sure. Also, way overpriced in my opinion.

    Tarantula 1 was really cool, and the new one fixed literally every complaint I had about the first one. I am starting to make myself use and practice the T2 because it really is a great device. I have extra spools so if I am working and have a break I can just switch spools then worry about reattaching wax to the broken one when I have time (which is usually not too hard to do by the way). I also generally will have a loop on my arm when using the tarantula just in case of an emergency.

    Practicing a lot with any of these systems is key. You will get to know your own style, your own device, the thread, and the amount of weight and intensity each can take as you use them more. Then you will find less and less breakage of the thread I assure you.

    Last, lighting can definitely be a problem... but there is a reason this stuff is called invisible thread. I mean I have done stuff in broad day light in front of people just a foot or two away and they can't see the thread. And when I try to repair a spool or thread that just snapped, I often am astonished at just how invisible the thread is.

    Hope that helped. Any other questions hit me up any time.

    Best wishes to all and have a great weekend!

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  9. So If I had to buy one, you'd say the Tarantula 2 right?

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