Yigal Mesika Wax

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  1. My question is Yigal Mesika Wax edible? I heard it was, but I wanna check to make sure.
  2. Yes it is. I would not necessarly put it on toasted bread for breakfast but it should be perfectly safe.
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  3. Lol, thanks!
  4. This may be stupid, and I don't want to sound rude, but why exactly?
  5. I don't want to expose anything but... some of the tricks taught with some gimmicks using mesika wax end up with you eating the thing the wax was attached to.
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  6. uhhhh...ok.....
    sounds really interesting.
  7. Take a look at the trailer :)
    Some effects end with you eating the thing you're levitating.

    (Though I was secretly hoping for a "I may have accidentally mistaken it for a cracker....")
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  8. I have to point out though... Mesika wax is FDA approved... but it's often tangled with spider thread... which I am not sure has been FDA approved. I doubt there is any real issue here... but thought it was worth mentionning.
  9. I'm fairly certain I've (accidentally) eaten his IT before... I think we're ok lol

    But seriously, just make sure. I'm sure you can hit him up on his website or something :)
  10. I don't really care tbh. I don't think the amount of thread I might accidently eat it going to have a big effect on my health.
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  11. I immediately thought about this review for "the stealth pen tip replacement"
    I actually really want to hear this whole story.
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  12. Since we were talking Mesika devices I read that as someone swallowing his spider pen pro by accident... was wondering how that could happen!
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