You Can Only Do One Of Your Coin Tricks, What Is It? (Gun to your head type of thing)

Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by goku, Nov 20, 2009.

  1. Ok guys I just thought that it would be good to see your favourite coin tricks. This also shows us some of the great coin tricks that are out there.

    Imagine that you can only perform 1 trick to a spectator or audience (and obviously with coins because..... well look at the forum we are in). Now I know that a magic performance is much better in a routine but just imagine a crazy scenario in which you have to perform a trick and all you are able to do is 1. Which do you do?

    I know that it is hard to decide but if it is really hard then give us your top 3.

    We get to see what coin tricks are good and also it is just for fun.

    Ok my No.1 would be:

    Copper or Silver Extraction from J.B.Bobo's Modern Coin Magic.
    Two coins are in a handkerchief, one copper the other silver. The magician asks the spectator to name one of the coins, copper or silver. Whichever coin is named the magician pulls through the silk and lets the spectator see the silk with the other coin in it. They can examine everything.

    Thats mine, lets hear yours.
  2. I am still practicing it, but the "Coin Falling Up". The muscle pass is probably my favorite coin move out there, no doubt. The coin falling up trick is just awesome, it fits my performing style perfectly. I'm getting about 11 inches straight up now after a week of practice. Love this move!

  3. Where did you learn it?
  4. Coin In the "foundations" section. You'll have to answer a question first.

  5. quantum bender 2.0
  6. oo I see someone decided to buy Bobo's!

    I would say my own version of Winged Silver. Winged Silver is such an extremely beautiful and magical routine.
  7. I still use the coin bite frequently
  8. I would do Just Pretend from Bobo's into my Muscle Pass routine.

    I seem to do that when someone says "Blow my mind or I blow out yours."

    All the best,
  9. Hands down, it would be Scott and Soda.

  10. thats tuff to say. Well im actually gonna say a routine that i don't even do yet, but im working on. Its david williamson's change bag from "williamsons wonders". I loooove this routine. Its almost feels like a cups and balls routine with coins.

    There are others that are really good but i'm happy with that decision.
  11. Yeah I got it. How could I resist with those comments. I just had to learn copper silver extraction when I read the effect. I will read from the start now but I am still worried about how good the effects will be.
  12. i don't like this doers thing..
  13. Huh? What do you mean.

  14. If I have 3 coins, it's Sankey's Mr. Clean Coins Across.

    If I have two coins, It's Gregory Wilson's Quicksilver, ending w/ coin under watch.

    If I have one coin, it a few vanishes + reproductions.
  15. I would do 3 Fry. Its fairly quick. And it can look really good. Mine doesn't look awesome yet, but hopefully it will soon!
  16. Whats that?
  17. It's a One on One here by Chris Kenner.
  18. Nobody knows if its in totally out of control
  19. It's a tie between the muscle pass, and Gregory Wilson's 3/4 across. Both are impromptu, are instantly repeatable, and get great reactions, so its really hard to choose.
  20. Are you asking? Because YES, it is in Totally out of Control.

    Questions usually end in a "?".


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