You can't pick-up chicks with magic?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Trick-E, Aug 26, 2009.

  1. Well, it's just a thought for everybody. This time you can.

    I was reading the book called "The Game: Penetatrating the Secret Society of the Pick-Up Artist" By Neil Strauss. This book was phonomenal, the author mentioned the guy in the book nick named as "Mystery" and how he started to become one of them. His name will not be revealed, he was magician and Criss Angel look alike. I cannot explain it more further details, If you can able to find yourself some time to go to your local library to read it or check it out.
  2. I usually don't do magic until I get to know a girl good.

    It's totally lame I think to use it right off the bat with your intention for picking up girls. You will look like a loser.

    However If you do magic on like a third or fourth date or something, she will really really enjoy it.

    That's my advice.
  3. I've performed with friends who I have seen 3 times the girls ask the magician for his number. Yet I find it odd a girl never asked me. Just proves that I need to be more likable. Have a charm.
  4. Girls are always aroud me because of magic or maybe because of my looks.
  5. Or is it your spelling?
  6. Chicks hate magic because we're all nerds.
  7. secretly women like magic in my experience. I was performing for a group and afterwards this chick came up to me and started talking to me. She said that you must get a lot of girls with your magic.
  8. It depends on youre performance style. Mine was very flirty and very outgoing and (for lack of a better term) ballsy, so girls were very much inclinced to get to know me better. At no point did I use strcitly magic to "pick up" girls.

    I say it's impossible, the only time I use magic is once people know me as something else. This way people say "this is Jeff, he acts and does improv and is really funny. OH, he also does magic."

    Instead of

    "This is the kid who does magic" or "magic man"

    Don't be known for your magic, by known for you, who happens to do magic
  9. Maybe its the way your doing it Mitchell. No means No :)
  10. NO!!!!!!....Ok maybe.....

  11. I have read this book. Do you wear big hats, eyepatches and make up as well to attract women?

    Maybe you like to disrespect women for their attention as well?

    That book is full of wonderful information to turn you into a well groomed gentleman that will get women to swoon.

    On another level--I can see how the book can help with confidence for the more shy guy... as far as anything else though, most women will either laugh at or slap you if you go up to them and say something like "Usually yellow teeth don't do it for me, but on you they work" dressed like a fool and then proceed to do a card trick...

    Yep. Great advice Mr. Mystery.

    Just a thought...

    Magic is a good conversation starter, but if you aren't careful you become nothing but "that magician" or "that guy who dresses like a freak and wears makeup".


  12. Don't use magic to pick up chicks, it makes it far too predictable of the outcome and you will throw the girls into the mental crowd and you will respect the individual less because you see them as somebody that is not special. Trust me, I used to use magic for picking up chicks.
  13. you sound like you knocked a coke addiction
  14. Hahaha, kinda like this?

    Its funny, but most people actually think that I was trying to pick those girls"up" when in reality I actually didnt even asked their numbers.

    With that aside.

    We magicians can't have a girlfriend, I mean, you have to be retarded to prefer girls over cards, pfft, what the Heck are you thinking? You should stay away from the forums a while and rethink your life.

    Ill go practice pandora now.
  15. Post of the year right there.

  16. No girl will just want you for doing a magic trick.
    It's the personality you show when your perform.
    Magic really does nothing but open up a conversation for you. It gives you something to talk about, and also gives you something that other guys don't have.

    It's not just about playing your cards right.
  17. This thread isn't true. I was in new york city for a comic convention...shutup it was awesome....and i saw this cute girl so i did greed to her and now we've been dating for almost 2 years. She loves my magic and shes a great person that i can practice my effects on.

  18. WTF! You have a girlfriend? Is it true that they kiss with their tongue?? :eek:

    How dare you.

    Im reporting your post, sorry.
  19. Oh wow she read it too. I thought any women wouldn't read that book.

    I suggest everyone in this forums should read this book. I wouldn't end being a loser doing magic for rest of my life. I get like an average about 3 girl's a day. Just case 1st one doesn't work out, then I go after the second. This is actually a true fact, Criss Angel learned the Mystery Method just to get Holly from Playboy.
  20. Katie don't read the game and then claim to know everything about picking up chicks. First of all you made up a totally improper neg and said that's what he's teaching in there. AN INSULT ISN'T A NEG. Secondly, asking a girl for advice on picking up chicks is like asking a guy (a straight guy) how to give a good blo.... nevermind, you get the point.

    And the game isn't about how to pick up chicks with magic. As a matter of fact its not about "HOW TO" pick up chicks at all. Its an auto-biography about a span of time in a writers life. They mention magic as one small tool that you can use in a much larger process. If you want to know the "how to" then your gonna want mystery's book or one of many other products these guys have on the market. The pick up industry is getting almost as bad as the magic industry with how much material is being released with such rapidity.

    Its a great book and i suggest everyone read it. Of course girls are going to think its the devil but the stuff is legit. And even if you're not interested in picking up girls or you don't think you need help with it, its still an extremely interesting and funny book.

    and (on what i think is a different subject) for anyone who thinks magic is too nerdy a hobby to get a girls interest (romantic interest) just watch the the king or cool and confidence use magic to great avail on a couple of unwitting milk maids.

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