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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by BillyG, Dec 13, 2007.

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    Hi guys, I was just wondering whose autographs you guys have in your collection.
    I've got autographs from....

    John Calvert and Tammy
    Enrico De La Vega
    Mac King
    Luke Jermay
    Sylvester the Jester
    Dirk Arthur
    Paul Draper
    Jay Alexander
    Jay Noblezada
    Danny Garcia
    Criss Angel
    Snake Babe
    Krystyn Lambert
    Ava Dao
    Rick Maue
    Dan Buck
    Dave Buck
    Tyas Frantz
    Morgan Strebler
    Eric Anderson
    Joshua Jay
    Luna Shimada
    Apollo Robbins
    Ha Lim An
    Jordan Wright
    Jeff McBride
    Lance Burton
    Yuji Yasuda
    Dean Dill
    Joel Broock
    Doug Malloy
    Norman Beck
    Jon Armstrong
    Jason England
    Eugene Burger
    Dan Sperry
    Lee Asher
    Aaron Fisher
    Chris Kenner
    Katie Egleston
    Richard Kaufman
    Larry Hass
    Steven Kline
    Jay Sankey
    Mike Segal
    Kyle Knight
    Paul Vigil
    Tom Isaacson
    Greg Darwin
    Max Maven
    Amazing Johnathan
    Jason Latimer
    Psychic Tanya
    Kevin James
    Abbi McBride
  2. haha. I don't ask for autographs. :p so...none...
  3. Just W:H and Lee Asher :)
  4. Nice, how'd you get Lee's
  5. I bought Asher Twist i think 2 years ago, and he sent me an autographed video sleeve wishing me a happy christmas and new year with it! Nice surprise!
  6. That's nice of him!
  7. Chris Kenner's autograph signed by Danny Garcia.

    No one can top that autograph.

  8. Daniel Garcia,
    Justin Miller,
    Andre Kole,
    Eugene Burger,
    Charles Gauci

    Thats all for me right now, I WILL get more though, haha

    PS. Tricky, I thought if you said you got Lee's autograph from the Witness contest, a year to the day since you won the Indecent contest, I was going to kill you... haha
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    Cyril Takayama
    David Blaine
    Wayne Houchin
    Daniel Garcia
    Jamie D. Grant
    James Clark
  10. Thats totally awesome! I think I'll see Cyril next year.
  11. De'vo
    Lance Burton
    David Copperfield
    Dan and Dave
    Jay Sankey
    Criss Angel
    Justin Miller
    Nathan Kranzo
    Brad Christian
    Sean Fields
    Jerry Cestkowski
    Jay Noblezada
    Peter Harrison
    Eugene Burger
    Oz Pearlman
    Michael Ammar
    Max Maven
    John Carney
    David Stone
    Boris Wild
    Mark Cannon
    Lee Asher
    Jeff Mcbride
    Michael Finney
    Justin Kredible
    Yigal Mesika

    As you can see I'm a big autograph collector.
  12. I have Anthony Bass' autograph........

    Compare your lives to mine and cry.....

    Anthony Bass
  13. here's my list:

    1. andrew mayne
  14. Even though I have no autographs I'm in regular contact with some pros... Like Justin Miller, Katie, sometimes Kenner, and Matieu Bich (Who are all AWESOME) I'm meeting Nathan Kranzo next year....
  15. right now i only have one lol, its dan and daves on the trilogy =p

    but you have an actual dan and dave autograph? thats amazing man, i would always want to meet them, def. my dream!
  16. Henry Evans
    Joshua Jay
    Julius Frak

    Aris autograph ;)..
  17. I only have a Chris Kenner autographed deck of Jerry's Nuggets at the moment...nothing to special...:D
  18. can i just ask, how do u guys get all these autographs? do u request them or actualy meet them in person?
  19. Magic conventions, lectures, seminars, etc...great place to meet and share ideas with guys who have been out there in the trenches to give you the real scoop.

    I rarely ask for an autograph in all honesty. I would rather take the time to talk to most of the guys I would otherwise ask for an autograph. It feels weird to me asking a friend for their autograph.

  20. Justin Miller is the only autograph I have =)


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