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  1. I'm here today to ask you a simple question.

    What is your dream?

    The one thing you wish to stay true to or accomplish during your life. This doesn't have to be career focused, feel free to take it any direction you'd like.

    I'll even give you mine as to make it more personal.

    I want to cherish those around me, my family and friends. I never want to take them or their support for granted. - That's what I want to continue to strife for.

    If you feel comfortable enough after telling your dream, please include your name. :)
  2. have alot of love
  3. my dream is for my magic to be more. i want it to mean something. i want my magic to have an amazing impact on the people i perform for. like i'll give you a few examples. these all were just today.

    i was starting some four ace tricks. and this kid asked if he could shuffle big fat goofy kid, with some gang influenced mannerisms. (hes black) and he shuffled and all his buddys formed a wall so i couldnt see. and i went to do my trick. knowing he stole an ace. so i went ahead and magically!(stripper deck) pulled out three aces. and i put on a super puzzled look on my face. like "what the heeeelllll" and they all started laughing hysterically looking around pointing at me and coverin there mouths as they did so. then i looked around and went, "what??? the fourth one is in diesels coat pocket" and they all freaked and started laughin at diesel. all i did was strip out four aces. most of you people here would look down your noses at me here for my low level magic trick. but i got such an awesome reaction out of something so simple. without any difficult sleights or anything. that its trumped so many of my other performances.

    or later, i walked by a classroom as a girl i've done magic for many times walked out and i asked is she had seen any of my rubber band stuff. she said no and asked if i could do it while i walked her to the copy room to make some copies. so we walked and i did crazy mans handcuffs talking about soft spots on babies, then how everything has a soft spot. and the cool thing about rubber bands were almost pure soft spots. in fact there were no hard soft spots. then i did the trick. and she kinda laughed and asked how i did it. yada yada yada mediocre magic at its best. then we got to the copy room and i did an effect alot like stairway. but i came up with it. telling her if we forced a dollar through the soft spot in a rubber band eventually the dollar would get one. i did it, and the whole time we laughed at how george washington never grew up and how his soft spot was right under his nose and how a rubber bands nose was right above its soft spot. then i produced a spongeball from inside the copy machine and told her the ink cartridge was all gunky. again. not very prideful technical amazing effects. but. me and chloe are now closer friends because of it.

    i want every magic performance to be like that. where the focus isnt on the sleights and technicality. but, the interaction i have with the specs.

    thats my dream for my magic. to be more, more like those. and even better than those/
  4. My dream, graduate high school, graduate college, move to NYC to live off of pennies as I further pursue a career i don't yet know as I perform magic and music on the side for extra money have hoping that one will catch on.
  5. My dream consists of two things. I want to take my magic as far as I can. I hope to push my magic farther than I ever have within the next year or so and start to take it towards the direction as a profesion (as hard as I know that will be). The next is to help people as much as I can. I want to give back to people, especially people that have brought me to where I am wheather it be in the magic community or in my own life.
    One thing that I hope to do with my life is help as many peopole as I can. I am fortunate to have the life that I have today and I want to help people that havn't had the opportunities I have

    Great Thread!
  6. have a steady career in magic....

    a great husband...great dad....great person.....

    be charitable....
  7. I want to be a school teacher. That way I can have a real impact on people, and will feel happy knowing I have shaped someone's future.

    Not Magic related, but It's true.

  8. "Any Dreams Worth Dreaming...Is A Dream Worth Fighting For" Charles Xavier

    my dream is became a great person...a great arquitect and a great that order...
  9. I want to start a successful, non profit magic magazine and I also want to create a wide collection of magic with food
  10. Ever since I joined a first steps drama school when I was 3 I have always wanted a career in the theater. I want to be one day a stage director, I also always see my self living in America and I would like to work in the stage, or better yet magic stage director.
  11. to make a positive difference in the world through my magic. it has helped me overcome so much, I want to share my story, and hopefully use it to inspire others to go after their dreams. (be them magic related or otherwise) we hear all the time about how powerful magic can be, it's my dream to show the world just that.
  12. I've loving the responses everyone, keep em coming! :D
  13. Magic for me is not a career, but a serious hobby. It's a big part of my life, but not for an income. I just want it to be for fun, and maybe for some side money eventually.
  14. My thoughts exactly.

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