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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Xdelamuertex, May 5, 2010.

  1. Please add your facebook user name to this thread thank you!

    Mine is XdelamuerteX
  2. Why do you want my facebook?

    1. I dont even know you
    2. Its for my friends and family
  3. its in the sig
  4. I believe Facebook is contributing to the slow downfall of society.
  5. How so??
  6. What ever that means...

    Yeah, I would like to know, too. Care to explain?
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    "The slow downfall of society" is an extreme exaggeration, that comment was more or less a joke. However, I think Facebook and Myspace are having a negative impact on the way people communicate. Whenever I talk to someone, they always ask me if I have a Facebook/Myspace. My face is right there, why can't they book it? At the same time, Facebook and Myspace, are great at what they were designed for, which is communicate with friends and family you can't see in person without racking up the phone bill. It just seems like some people over-use, and ignore the rest of their social life. For the short period I had a Facebook, there were three friends of mine, who it seemed as though every time I logged on were always online. I began to wonder if they did anything else. So, overall, "the slow downfall of society" is an unfunny joke with a small basis in truth.
  8. @DaveyG: Really, IMHO, you don't have any real valid points.

    They ask because they want to get in touch with you...!

    Well, you can't always be around your friends and family, hence the reason Facebook/Myspace was created to communicate with friends and family.

    This may be the only valid point you wrote; yes - some actually are addicted to social sites, such as Facebook/Myspace and will waste their time being on all day.
  9. Not the only valid point, but certainly the most important one. It also seems that any conversation I ever had on Facebook was completely meaningless and uninteresting. The only important conversations I had were things like, "Hey what time are you going to be at the thing? etc." Yes, Facebook and Myspace are great for communicating with people when you can't see them face-to-face and you don't want to rack up the phone bill, but do we really need to see 50 pictures of you petting your dog? Or sipping a soda? Or do we really need to know that you're watching a Third Rock From the Sun re-run? Or that you just got back from the store? (Not directed at you, I haven't looked at your Facebook, and I have no idea what's on it.) It just seems as though most of the things on Facebook and Myspace are unnecessary besides being able to communicate with people. Such as that thing that tells you what people said about you, and then you need to answer questions about other people to find out who said it etc. Social-Networking sites are a good idea, but they are heavily over-used.

    I would also like to address that this may seem somewhat hypocritical coming from someone approaching 1,900 posts on an online forum, but you have to give me some slack, most of them came from last summer when all of my friends were away on vacation, single children like myself don't have much else to do during those times.
  10. Is it even possible here for people to voice their opinions without getting shouted at? Let's try have a thread WITHOUT an argument.... or is that impossible?
  11. Guys,

    Let's refrain from arguing over the benefits and/or consequences of social networking. ;) This thread was created so members could share their Facebook profiles with one another (for anyone interested) - nothing more, nothing less.

    Thanks in advance fellas!
  12. Well, I understand where Jv is coming from, and he seems to understand my thinking, so I don't see any problems. So I think we can just agree to disagree.

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