Your favorite 'Black' Deck?

Hi guys, just curious.

What is your favorite black deck. If you don't have one, please tell me which one you want to buy.

- Shadow Masters
- Black tiger
- Tally-Ho Viper
- Black Ghost deck
If you choose Viper or black tiger, tell me you like it red pips or totally white.

For the ones who don't like black decks, What is your favorite deck?
I guess you guys will say Jerrys or wynn's, but it's just a guess.
Mar 3, 2008
I don't like black cards, but the one I like best of black card is Shadow Master. :) I don't like them because people is getting confused like "no I had the spade!" when they really had the hearts.
Feb 23, 2008
I would say 'The Shadow Masters' because personally i think the detail is phenomenal i also like the Vipers they are nice to use also, i havn't used a Black Ghost deck yet so i cant say anything on that matter but yeh.

Otherwise my favourite deck i ould have to say are the Absolut Vodkas they are just so cool in my opinion with such a thin stock it makes them great for flourishing.

-:// Matt //:-
Sep 1, 2007
San Francisco, CA
I'm going to have to go with Centurions. They feel amazing. I haven't used Black Ghosts or Shadow Masters, so I can't say. Other than that, my favorite cards are the Split Spade Lions or a normal deck of Tallys.

Apr 23, 2008
I can't get enough of my shadow masters. I am going to be picking up some more here in a week. already burned through 2 decks.
Mar 16, 2008
Vipers just drive in insane. (in a positive way)

The feel is sooo controlled, and the cards just seem to be designed for magic. The silver look is incredible too.
Dec 28, 2007
Tally Ho Viper Fan Back.

But, I would rather use Tally Ho Blue Fan Back. Or red backed Bee. Feel much better, and look like playing cards, instead of wnb cool cards.
Oct 8, 2007
Well, my favorites are Ghosts and having them in black is only going to make it better.

Or worse, actually, since black decks get white around the edges and sometimes the pips are confusing and sometimes they arouse suspicion.

I like the looks of the Viper, with the silver-against-the-black thing going on in there, but the thick stock isn't necessarily better for me. Regular Tally's are good enough already.

And if some good Samaritan were to hand me a deck of cards, obviously Jerry's even just for the high face value and the price that they're going for today.
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