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  1. Hey guys,

    I would like to know some of your favorite ways to produce a deck of cards. Whether gimmicked or not. I am very ignorant on the topic of deck productions so I would just like to know some products I could purchase that teach this effect, or other ways you guys have come across. The reason I ask this, is because my girlfriends birthday is coming up. She knows I'm a magician and she loves my magic. So I thought a good gift to give her would be (a nice necklace) but also a deck of cards with one reason why I love her on the face of each card. And on the back, a short story or joke that has to do with that reason. My idea is to wrap the deck in cellophane, as to make it appear brand new. So I'd make the deck appear(which is what I need your help with), and she'd probably think "ok a deck of cards-- that's it??" and i think her initial underwhelming reaction would be pretty funny. But then I open it and show her that it's not just any deck of cards, and read to her each card. And que the tears!! And then give her the really nice (and really expensive...) necklace. So I just need some help on some ways to produce a deck of cards. I think adding my personal touch of magic to the gift would let her know that it's really from my heart! What are your favorite deck productions?
  2. I like to sleeve a deck of cards and produce it with misdirection.
  3. Check out dave forrests production 'packs a wallop' from his Trickery set, if you can. Been doing it for years and it's still wicked cool.
  4. I like to hold the whole deck in Tenkai and then spread it quickly on the nearest table. Really surprises some people
  5. on a website called, they sell a piece of flash paper that is part green and part red and is made to fold into the shape of a rose. present the rose to her then light it with the deck palmed and make it appear.
  6. ^^ That is orignally a David Harkey production I believe, except DH didn't use a rose, just regular flash paper. Looks cool but I don't get WHY lighting some tissue on fire in a flash would produce a deck of cards? Haha.

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