Your Favorites Mentalism Effects

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  1. i was just wondering what is your favorite mentalism effect and why? How many times you perform it? Personally i perform a lot Lacuna by Brandon Queen Because is a really spoky/intimate effect. Once i made a girl cry because she really think that i made her forget a person.......
  2. Hard to beat The Code by Andy Nyman - so many possibilities for applications, and the deck does the dirty work for you.

    Some other suggestions from Spidey - all practical, powerful, diabolical material:

    Last but not least - this is on the edge of mentalism and card magic, but definitely worthy of mention: Blake Vogt's Invisible Card. It's so remarkably fair and clean - brilliant.
  3. If you like Brandon Queen's stuff I would highly suggest checking out Peter Turner's work. You can check out his at the table live lecture which is only $7.95 and he goes over some awesome effects, and theory in it. If you end up liking the lecture, you should then move on to his dvd Freeform Mentalism, which is $50 and it contains some awesome, but gutsy mentalism effects. Hope this helps!
  4. My go to mentalism latley has been Comical by Atlas Brookings. I also have a billet-less way to guess a thought of holiday that I have created.
  5. I recommend Freeform Mentalism as well. To me it feels like the perfect combination of difficulty and impossibleness. Most of the effects don't use moves that aren't explainable within the trick such as putting a drawing into a wallet or envelope, and they're nicely customizable (though most mentalism effects are) to your own presentation style. He goes into a lot of theory and tips too. The only downside is that it is expensive, but I'd say that it's worth the price.

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