Your favourite impromptu card reveals


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Aug 5, 2017
WA state USA
I feel reveal has to match the trick that’s being performed so my favorite reveals go with what trick or set I’m doing.

In a “do as I do”, some matching effect, or an Invisible deck…I like to just have the participant turn it over or take it out. I don’t want to convey skillful card handling (I’m not that skillful really).

For a trick like Ladanye’s “standing out” from his book Game Changer something the more fancy and skillful the better. Same with card to mouth…a couple fancy cuts or reveals like a hotshot cut gets people watching your hands before the funny stuff.

I like sucker tricks but have been leaning away from them mostly except for the right people. It sets a tone I’m not going after…it’s the gap between what I like and what audiences like.
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