Your first flourish?

Discussion in 'Cardistry & Flourishing Forum' started by Teddy94, Aug 2, 2008.

  1. What was your first flourish?

    I just started today, and my first is the Werm. After an hour or two of practicing, I got it down! It's easy and impressive; I love it!
  2. i got the worm on only the first try i almost fainted !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!11111
  3. Swivel Cut.
  4. i dont know the name of it but the first one i do know the same of is the Z cut.
  5. mine was the elevator cut....when i first learned it like a couple years ago, it took me about an hour to learn and i look back and it is soo frikkin easyy :p
  6. Believe it or not, my first flourish was sybil. I felt like it was friggin' impossible lol. But I was determined to do it and I finally did and I was the happiest man alive.
  7. springing

    my first flourish was springing the cards.
  8. Well, I could do that, a ribbon spread/turnover, and a swing cut, but I mean floruishes like ones on the Trilogy, or Rebel, or a 1-on-1.
  9. I learned to do the Knuckle cut / Hot Shot first... it took forever and it didn't help that I had really dead cards and didn't know having moist hands would help.
  10. I didn't know a thing about flourishing when I learnt it, but it was Mantis (Scott + Sean on DN). Then I realised I was meant to start off with Charliers and things off XB, Encyclopedia, etc. Oops.
  11. Ribbon spread and turnover...
  12. I actually made up my first Flourish (not sprins fans ect) It was a Triangle which colapses and lands on a fan then flips off the fan into your hand. I couldnt stop doing it for about a week! The first Flourish DVD i got was Dangerous, and is still the only one i have! Actually i only got it last week, im working in Sybil in the rain down and symphony, they looking good.
  13. My first flourish was Genesis. Followed by Sybil 947,KFC(both by KevH) and The Werm.
  14. Hot shot cut = 1st 1 handed (but I never did get the card shoot)
    5 f o sybil = 1st 2 handed cut =D
  15. The Hot Shot cut, followed by the Charlier.
  16. My first flourish, I guess, was the Charlier cut.
    But if you mean the more fancy sort of flourishes, then it is the Flash Drei with Impossible Stack Close from the Xtreme Beginnerz DVD. Back then I thought it was impossible... A short while after that I met the Trilogy :p.
  17. Charlier cut, then a false swivel cut, followed up by the quality sybil 947.

  18. OOOOOhhhh ! in that case, the first flourish I ever learned in my life was Pandora.

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