Your first magic book?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by Deryn, Jan 15, 2008.

  1. Ok, I understand a lot of T11 and E users are spoiled by the likes of video teachings and tutorials and sometimes you guys find it hard to learn from a book having gotten use to videos.

    For those of us that started long before Ellusionist and T11 (and other sites).. hell even Pre-internet, what was your first magic book and was there a reason you got it?

    For my 11th birthday, I received "Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic." That book was MASSIVE. I still read it from time to time.. us old geezers forget things :)
  2. I honestly don't remember, but I remember it being OLD. My dad got one of his old books and gave it to me. It might have been from the 60's, but I can't remember the name, if I find the book I'll let you know.

  3. my grandma got me the klutz book of magic. one of the best books ever. i still do tricks from it. she also got me tarbell course in magic book.
  4. Some book in Finnish. I'm not sure which. Then, I discovered DVDs and used them for a long time, and now I'm moving to English books.
  5. For me it's Erdnase. Im 19 and I started magic at 17 so it's easy for me to remember :p
  6. When I was about 7, "The Amazing Book of Magic" by Jon Tremaine - there's some very good material in there which I still play with to this day
  7. My older brother was into magic when he was a kid, so I got handed down "The Complete Guide to Card Conjuring" by Ian Adair, and Royal Road, which I started reading when I was about 9. I only ever really practiced one thing fron the Ian Adair book, which was the backpalm, but when it got onto the pivot move I found the instructions really difficult to follow so I abandoned it. Royal Road has served me well though.
  8. The Practical Encyclopedia of Magic, Then Erdnase, but I got Encyclopedia of magic for Christmas after telling my mom I was interested in magic and began showing her some basic tricks.
    Wouldn't recommend it but it got me started,
  9. That magic coloring book....
    You know the one where you flip the pages on the top, bottom, and middle, to reveal colored, B&W, and blank pages?
    That brings me way back...
  10. My first book was the Stein and Day handbook of magic. pretty old book.
  11. royal road to card magic
  12. The Magicians Encyclopedia Of Magic it was a library book i "borrowed" when i was 15,that was 21 years ago, I don't like to lend "my" books out so if you'll like to read it i live in Brooklyn.
  13. Harry Potter and the Sorcerer's Stone :D

    Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic, I believe.
  14. Mark Wilson's Complete Course In Magic was the first book i read and still have it to this day. Its a book that teaches well for people just starting out.
  15. Mark Wilson's Complete Course in Magic
  16. The very first source I learned magic from was a book called "Magic with Everyday Objects by George Schnidler". It was written in 1976. I got it at the age of 5 and still have it. That book is ancient. I still skim through it every now and then.

    Anthony Bass
  17. I just read that book. Pretty good beginner book.
  18. Yeah, and that book is kind of the reason I steered clear of cheesy magic like the linking rings or pulling a rabbit out of a hat. It was my first magic source, and it teaches kind of "street magicy" type effects that you can perform with just about anything.

    Anthony Bass
  19. wow, by my count, that's 4 of us that started with Mark Wilson's book. I remember when I was a kid and watching the infomercial he had that tought magic. ah memories.

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