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  1. Who are your inspirations?

    Here are mine:

    First, Daniel Madison - The way his flourishes are designed.. they make my jaws drop. There's something about his sort of finesse/grunge style combo that never ceases to amaze me.

    Dan and Dave Buck - Their flourishes, same thing with Daniel's. Off the charts for me. Unfortunately, they're a bit out of my level, but the tricks (atleast the ones on the Trilogy) really inspire me, as they're very creative.

    Andrei Jikh - The man can do better basic cardistry with a pack of regular old rider back bikes then i could probably do in years with a pack of Jerrys. His dvd, genesis, has inspired me to nail the flourishing fundamentals and be just like him.

    Jason England - A whiz at real-world gambling sleight of hand, Jason England is one of my favorite t11 artists. His years of experience have given him one of the most perfect bottom deals, center deals, and palming techniques I have ever seen. Furthermore, his teachings are *very* thorough, and if that wasn't enough, he points you to even MORE sources to learn from.

    So - Who are your inspirations?

  2. my inspiration is my audience. i try to put myself in their shoes and try to think of what would amaze them and make their experience memorable. i look at everyday things and think of things i could do with them to turn it into magic.
  3. The moment of pure astonishment and that feeling of wonder.
  4. The reactions of my audience. Its the best feeling on earth!
  5. The inspiration for my effects usually comes from my own imagination. Other performers don't so much inspire me as show me a great (hopefully) presentation, or show me great technical skill (or both), but I don't ever aspire to be them. I want to be myself, and I am the only inspiration for that.
  6. yeah Fritzy, you are right, i look for my audience, their anticipation is what keeps me going...

    but to answer the original poster's question....

    i'm a huge Criss Angel fan, i love his moments of magic...

    i'm a horror fan..i try to look at the execution of a good kill and relate it to my yeah...
  7. Few things impress my audience enough to wow them, and I mainly do it for myself. I find pleasure in being able to do this, possibly because I know how difficult it can be at times. Most people I know are laymen, and they like to find small flaws I make and point them out quite rudely..
  8. ICP - Miracles.
  9. Ricky jay: 52 assistants got me into card magic. his patter was outstanding.

    Richard Turner
    Darwin Ortiz
    Ed Marlo
    Charlie Miller
    Jay Ose

    All great card men with great card skills that I hope to achieve one day.
  10. I was watching a video of Paul Vigil perform the other day. Words cannot express how ridiculously good he is, it just shouldn't be possible for someone to be such an innovative and entertaining performer.
  11. He is amazing. Just everything about his performance is so fine tuned, so well timed, so thought out, so detailed, so natural and so perfect. Pure genius.
  12. Was that his which hand game Prae.
  13. Ricky Jay and his 52 assistants is the reason I got interested in magic. There are few other videos of him performing, but the man is simply superb.

    I love the way Michael Vincent performs. He has excellent technique and a very casual and unpretentious style of handling cards.

    I totally love Dani Daortiz and his style of jazz magic with a deck of cards. The guy is a phenom technically and he seems to have an endless repertoire.
  14. It's funny, I was thinking about this earlier today. When I was around eight years old, my father took me to see Blackstone Jr at the Irvine Auditorium in Philadelphia. Up until then, I was somewhat interested in magic, with the toy shop sets ('Learn to be a magician! Astound your friends!') and watching Tony Curtis chew the scenery through the Houdini movie. But then, to see Blackstone perform some of the classics - birdcage, floating light bulb - was fantastic. Had a great rapport with the audience, too.

    After that it was a misspent youth in magic shops, reading, learning. Had quite a few years away from magic, but still enjoyed watching Ricky Jay and cohort. Now returning to the learning. I'm still absolute pants when it comes to performing, but it doesn't stop me from wanting to learn more, especially when I now get inspiration from magicians like Daniel Garcia, Chris Kenner, and some young kid I saw on the street last week who was working a crowd with flourishes and a couple strong variations on some standard card tricks.

    I suppose it's just that feeling of being eight again. Even though I may know how the components of a trick or illusion work, when they come together in the right way, it's simply awesome.
  15. Derren, Maven and Banachek are definatley the top three there are a few others aswell.

    As for the primary inspiration for effects and the show as a whole. I have a simple method of observing life and those 'magic' moments that happen naturally. I then usally reverse engineer a method and presentation that fits the premise.
  16. Derren, Maven, Annemann are probably the biggest influences.
    But yeah, i somewhat am similar to D ICE R, i take most of my inspiration from the world evident in front of me. There are so much beautiful stuff here that it's crazy how much ideas you can get from just looking a little.


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