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  1. So, I was wondering how many of you do the first phase of Pandora exactly like it was taught on The Trilogy? I specifically aim at the part between peeling of the card from the centre packet with a thumb (after the tornado cut) and ending in z-grip. A lot of guys skip that part that kind of looks like Madonna (those familiar with the cut will probably know what I mean), myself included. It breaks the rhythm of my Pandora and I feel like it doesn't really add up in there, and since Pandora is hard enough to learn even without it (and I really just started practicing), I gave up on it.
    Now, I have 2 questions:
    1)Am I just taking the "easy" route or do you understand my concerns?
    2)How do you do your Pandora? Exactly like on The Trilogy or more like Jordan Lapping?
  2. i skip that part mostly cause it does break the flow, and dan doesn't even really do it anymore. i think its better without
  3. I do it exactly like the trilogy. I actually like the end of the 1st phase with the single card.
  4. I like the part with the 'peeling' as well :) I think its just preferences. I dont have to do it the exact same way Dan does it. (Which is subject to change whenever he fancies.)
  5. With or without peeling, you need to know both.

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