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Discussion in 'Magic Forum' started by Slicke, Dec 13, 2009.

  1. What do you think is a good way of performing card tricks .... like Daniel Garcia or Wayne houchin, which is a non flourishy way of performing or more like the Buck twins with many flourishy false cuts ?

    How do you perform you card tricks ... ?
  2. Perform like yourself not like anybody else.
  3. I second that.

    How many big stars have shows, where the ad's say: "Magic, like that other guy who's pretty good..". Just a thought... ;)
  4. Yea, just be yourself. Make yourself unique and different...memorable.
    For me, I like being smooth, elegant, and a little flourishy, but not too much.
    As an example, I like color changes that are smooth and pretty, like dropping a palmed card, instead of a cardini (although I do like that change). I like having an air of mysteriousness, but like having everybody have a good time, laughing, and just having fun.
  5. Theory11 always state in their video is to perform magic and be yourself, no matter what.
  6. I am confused where did he mention to be anything other then yourself?

    He is asking the community a question, how do you perform your card magic?

    Second what is yourself? Describe it because that is what he is asking, and not asking should I be blank or blank.

    I like scarecrows so far cause its the only one that has answered the op. Anyway, my style with cards is non existent at the moment. But when I do start performing with cards again it will be with a tea soaked tarot deck wrapped in papyrus cause I am going to perform "Real" magic.
  7. As Miika Pelkonen would say, I think the best way to perform card magic is just as anyone not familiar with cardmagic is handling the cards. This way the audience doesn't suspect that something sneaky is happening or they don't just think that you have fast hands or you've just trained so much that you can do those things. This way the effect will be more magical. Although when I perform a trick i use some clever and rather easy flourish methods. some 3 packet cuts and thumbfan etc. If I remember right it was Dai Vernon who said that "Be natural."
  8. Yeah , i'm not asking what personality u take when performing but how u perform them
  9. +1
    exactly just perform the way that you feel is the best. :)
  10. im amazed on some of these forums at how some young guys want so bad to have the opportunity to say something that they think is profound and wise so that they can gain respect that they don't even take the time to try and comprehend the actual question. But jon already said this. I just wanted to vent.

    But yea, i feel that you shouldn't throw too many flourishes into the mix. I don't think it kills the magic like some people do unless you move super fast mixing flourishes and magic basically all into one thing (watch the demo video for generation extreme for an example of this) then there is no magic.

    Personally i just handle the cards skillfully and gracefully without any unnecessary flourishes. I only use flourishes in a practical sense. Dribbling to have a card selected for example.

    Like i said though, i don't think flourishing will ruin the magic unless you mix it into your magic to the point that it starts to become unclear whats happening. Its like Darwin Ortiz said in "Strong Magic", everyone thinks that simplicity is the key to strong magic, when really its clarity. Simple tricks just happen to be very clear most of the time because of their simple handlings.

    So as long as your flourishing doesn't inhibit the audiences ability to understand whats going on then, in my opinion, you won't have any problems.
  11. Okay I will answer his question. I don't flourish when I perform because to me it takes the magic away. That's just my opinion. I really like how Daniel and Chris perform because they are pretty funny. I actually see themselves when they perform.

    When I mean perform like yourself, I mean to perform like yourself. If you are a always joking around like your friends and family, then joke around when you perform. Don't just go with the routine, joke around a bit.

    For me people know me like a kind, serious person who jokes around. When I perform I'm nice and joke around with my audicence. In the serious part is a different life. Some people tell me about the personal life and problems and I try my best to help them. But I also tell them I care about them, so they look for me when they need to sovle a problem.

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