Your Thoughts: Women in the Industry?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by indiana508, Aug 19, 2008.

  1. Hi there,

    I am making this thread because I would like to know what do you think about femals in the magic industrie?
    -My answer to this question is that I think that having females in the indistrie is great cause now a days there just don't seem to be to many gril magicians

    So If there are any girls on these forums I would like to hear your tack on magic and why you got started in it?

  2. i think girls are a great part in magic. Look at katie here. She is very amazing. I would be more than happy if more girls got into magic but sadly magic is dominated by guys. And when you do see a girl in magic more than 3/4 of the time they are very good at magic and good looking.
  3. Honestly I don't care, race/gender/religion doesn't mean anything to me (in terms of judging that is) it all comes down to character and such.

  4. My thoughts on girls in the magic industry . . . . . . .

    Love It!

    (900 posts - holla back)
  5. There should be more girls in magic. The only girls that I have seen in magic are the "lovely assistants".
  6. I'm a girl. Okay, I'm not, but I'm still sexy. Ok, I lied again, I'm not. Although I wish there were more girls in magic.
  7. well, i THINK tht most girls don't do magic is because most girls don't want to spend hundreds and hundreds of dollers and all their free time on learning how to be cheap...thts jus my take. i don't think tht most girls really see the whole picture on why we do what we do....but we all do it for different reasons. i do it because i love it, i love the reactions i get and making people wonder/smile. makeing people chase what they want and push it untill they get there....and cause its fun. theres a few reasons why i do it. most girls have a picture..when they think magician they think tall guy in a suit pulling a rabbit out of a top hat...they don't see that its so much more.
  8. I think that as long as anyone does good magic, gender doesn't matter.
  9. What do I think of girls in the industry? I have no opinion.

    Why should I and why should you? Why should any of us have an opinion of females in the industry. It's sick. It should be something that just... is.... I mean I shouldn't have to think "Yeah it's wonderful having a females in the industry." or if a girl posts here nobody should say "OMG A GIRL POSTED HERE ZOMG!!!!!!!!"....

    It should just a normal thing. Are there as many girls in this industry as there are male? No there aren't. However, I'm not gonna go out of my way to voice my opinion about girls in the industry. It's stupid. I hope I changed some other people's opinions about some stuff.

    Be mature.... please.... A better topic would had been "What are your thoughts about there not being as many females in the industry as there are males?" That at least would had been a respectable topic.


    Just to kill the serious tension I'll just blurt this out. FLABBERGASP! I hope that accomplished something....
  10. Its not whats below the waist but whats above the neck.

  11. Warning so the post doesn't get deleted (put this in your post alexender).

    The quoted post above contains mature language.

  12. Already got rid of it. Even if he did put a warning... that's ridiculous. That's too much.

  13. Darn, that was quick.

    Censorship at theory11?

  14. We have freedom of speech.... but up to a certain point. Check you PM's. Some things... are best kept off this site and not even posted at all.

  15. Too late.

    My eyes are already tainted.

    btw, Angela Funovits DOES have talent.

    Remember folks, she's not a professional magician (she is now I guess) She's a med student for christ's sake. And she's only 21.

    She's famous because not only does she have talent, but she also has a pretty face behind it all.
  16. Don't agree with that so much, but I respect that its your rules, not mine.

    On the plus side, I don't think David Anders frequents t11, so its all good.

    Mea culpa.

  17. That's the thing, guy. Freedom of speech does not apply to private property. Message boards are virtual space, but they count as privately owned property. And while you're on someone else's property, you abide by their rules.

    On topic, threads like this are a symptom of why we don't have as many women in the industry as you would think.
  18. true

    We WANT more women in the industry

    the fact that magic is mostly dominated by guys makes us feel geeky and stuff.

    By the way, the more famous the few female magicians become, the more they will inspire young women to get into magic.

    A role model goes a long way you know?
  19. That's the thing.

    Most of the guys clamoring for more women in magic can't even buy beer legally. And if they know how to talk to women, they certainly have me fooled.
  20. Sadly, magic is one of those gender-stereotyped hobbies/professions. When people think magic, they think guys. Why? Because that tends to be what they see (for the most part)--male magicians. The more females that do get into magic (without requiring a female role-model), however, the more rapidly other girls will get into magic as well, because they will act as role-models (which are so important in shaping behaviors, interests, etc).

    In essence, just give it time. Things will slowly start to change (and already are starting to), and will only change even more quickly as time goes on.

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