Your top 3 flourishes

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  1. Hi, I would like you to tell me your top 3 flourishes to see what new flourish can I learn. My top 3 are:
    • GB (Personal Flourish)
    • Bullet & Flicker (Combo)
    • Card Spring
  2. All one-handed.

    - Teachwrap
    - OH DEAR! (tutorial is on hold due to broken hand)
    - Muse Cut
  3. I've never been a big Cardistry performer so while maybe not being the most impressive, my top 3 are going to be ones that I can actually do. If this had been a name your top 10, then I could probably list them all. :D

    In no particular order:
    • Revolution Cut
    • What the Hell Happened to Sybil?
    • One-handed Shuffle
    || Steven
  4. Pandora
    Jackson 5
    Under Pressure
  5. Based on mechanics and appearance
    Jackson 5
  6. I personally like
    -Phaced (Working out the stops currently)
    -Plinko or Vcuts (Can't decide lol)
  7. Not talking about personal ideas, here are my top 3 in no particular order
    -French Open 2 by Tobias Levin
    -AMID cut
    -Arriflex by Michael James
  8. I like phaced, but I haven't learned it. It is a really visual flourish.
    I like Friffle by Oliver Sogard too.
  9. Mine change all the time, but currently I like:

    Nimbus -Chase Duncan (on NB3)
    Molecule 3 -Dan and Dave (Trilogy)
    Flop -Me (I'll film it one of these days)
  10. Depends on how I'm feeling and what Im best at. But as of right now I like:
    V-Cuts-Tobias Levin ( Shuffle Play )
    Seikan- Tobias Levin ( Cardistry from time to time )
    Waves- Tobias Levin ( Cardistry From Time to Time )
  11. These 3 play really well for laymen:
    Card Spring
    Friffle + Cascade (by Oliver Sogard)
    Fairfax (by Tobias Levin)

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