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  1. I absolutely love impromptu effects, I love being able to whip out a pack of cards or a few coins and blow minds on a dot, and i was just interested in learning your favorite impromptu effects, your top three to be exact. My top three impromptu effects are:

    1. Three card Monte
    2. Alchemy by Ben Seidman ( I apologize if I spelt that wrong)
    3. Dan Whites card to mouth
  2. 1. My Ambitious Card (thats face up)
    2. Disjointed
    3. Card to Mouth

  3. 1. Stigmata - Wayne Houchin
    2. Warning - Daniel Garcia
    3. Pressure - Daniel Garcia and Dan White
  4. 1-ACR (I include a card to mouth in there)
    2- Sandwich routine
    3- In-visible monte
  5. 1) Biddle
    2) ACR
    3) One Coin Routine

    There have been plenty of threads on this, so you might want to search a bit as well.
  6. 1. Back in Time
    2. Stigmata
    3. Ambitious Card
  7. In no particular order..

    1. Bizarre Cross - Paul Harris
    2. Bad Influence - Daniel Madison
    3. Twisted - Daniel Garcia
  8. Classic Bullet Card - Ammars Easy to Master Card Miracles (Volume...5?) With a slightly modified handling

    Crazy Mans Handcuffs / Stairway / Linking Rubber Bands (assuming I have rubber bands) - Arthur Setterington / Marcus Eddie / I think I use Dan Harlan's Linking rubber bands, but with Geoff William's very clever get ready.

    One Coin Routine - Read enough Bobo's and watch enough coin magic you'll be able to figure out your own routine.
  9. 1) This n That (It is fricking amazing. One of the best magic tricks in the history of EVER)
    2) Twisted ACR (Card to mouth is in there with a twist on Calen Morelli's VGH)
    3) JUMP! A trick of my own creation where the spectator picks a card and I 'lose' it in the deck. I put a card in there hand and wave another card over it. Suddenly their card in their hand and the card I 'put' in thir hand is in mine.
  10. PK touches
    Some form of billet work
    Either suggestion CMR or Equivocal methods into a nice routine.
  11. Tivo 2.0

    Crazy Mans Handcuffs

    Freak (by Will Houston)
  12. Ambitious Card

    Center Point

    Slider double (its a great sleight..... and i love poker)
  13. It depends on what i have with me.. If i have only a deck then i think i'd be 1) ACR with card to mouth 2) Ego 3) Ishkabibble Sandwich..
    If have more things with me (rubber bands, coins etc) i'd go with 1) Ego 2) Stairway 3) Audio
  14. I love how much card magic is being mentioned as "impromtu".

    -Producing a coin from a flash of fire produced from a scrap of paper given to me by a spectator
    -One coin routine
    -Out to lunch
  15. That is not your creation.
  16. TheatreHead, since when has the Out To Lunch principle been impromptu? lol. That is a lot less impromptu than card magic.

    I suppose it all goes down to your definition really. Does Impromptu Magic to you mean a trick you can do anytime anywhere with completely borrowed objects, or a trick that looks Impromptu? I bought Losanders Anytime Anywhere DVD and although it did look like Impromptu magic it wasn't as there was extra bits to make the routine function, but it looks REALLY impromptu!

    A good example would be: would you consider the invisible deck as impromptu, as it looks clean, can be done at any moment with no setting up, and is amazing, or not because its a gimmicked deck that you need to buy or make?

    I do love Out To Lunch by the way, I just think that is a lot less impromptu than pulling out or borrowing a deck of cards or doing some coin vanishes :)

  17. no i literally mean something you can do anytime, anywhere at a moments notice with borrowed objects.
  18. Freak, by Will Houstoun
    Helder Skelter, by Helder Guimaraes
    Subway, by Dan and Dave Buck
  19. Not when you do it on blank business cards.

    If you are requested to do magic, being able to do magic with anything immediately at hand is impromptu.
    I just think it's funny how many people carry cards around on them and list card only effects.
  20. I think impromptu effects are great, but having things on you at all times is a must at some point. As I become better known in my area I realized that I need to be "on" all the time.

    Magician's aren't like other art forms, a sketch artist would be the closest comparison maybe. We have to be what we claim to be all the time. Dancers don't always have their apparel and music, musicians - their instruments, etc. People don't separate magicians like they do other artists from their art form. They want to see something here and now, and why shouldn't they?

    "I don't have anything on me" is a lame excuse.

    Having your business cards (out to lunch included) is something I would consider impromptu, same with card effects, coin effects... anything you can carry on you, you probably should. Rubber bands, lighters and anything else you know effects with.

    Impromptu performances are pretty unrealistic. If you claim yourself a magician, there's hardly an excuse to not be prepared to do anything.

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