You're out with nothing on you?

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  1. what tricks do you perform when your out and nothing is on you... what do you perform? Or do you keep things on you such as rings or rubberbands so you can always do those such tricks? ??
  2. I do stigmata with the business card. I even do it when i have playing cards on me. Also, there's a routine in the Garcia Projects called "joe blow." which is good in some situations.

    But yea Stigmata- Business Card. Killer
  3. The arm twist is a really nice one, I used do it alot, but I don't remember the last time I didn't have cards on me!

    if you have business cards and a pen, or can get hold of I've found Luke Jermay's routine E.I. is nice to do, though there's lots of mentalism you can do.

    Phil smith has a cool little routine called left brain/write brain which is a little 2 phase thought reading routine... It's in Mitox I think..

  4. I use to play "Hands of fate by Luke Jermay"at school.It's work very well and great reaction.This trick use only paper and pen.
  5. There are several things I do if I don't have anything on me.

    Such as Stigmata, Control, Disjointed. Or if someone has any rubberbands or a ring or maybe a quarter and a soda/beer. There are many many things you can do.
  6. I may do a pulse stop using one of Bob Smiths ideas on the gimmick, or I may perhaps do a little impromptu coin routine (because really, I'm always going to have coins on me, or at least, the spectator will if I don't), or even some kind of complete transformation of an object using Greg Wilsons pitch and ditch.

  7. Disappearing Salt Shaker

    Coin Behind the Ear

    Think of a Card Any Card
  8. borrow some money and do a trick with that
  9. Usually I'll fall on mentalism in this case - prediction/mindreading effects, Nu Sense is a good one, etc. Stuff that doesn't require you necessarily to carry cards. I almost always have cards on me, though.
  10. Being out without cards is like being out naked to me.
    But anyway, the centre tear works very nicely for situations like this. Paper+pen.
    Arm twist is a good second as well. Depends on the audience.
    Balducci levitation?
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    Any type of levitation. King Rising ( is a good one. But it does have angles to watch. Anything with coins, or something that the spec. has. Which is usually coins, or you could do "tapped out" (Criss Angel's book called Secret Revelations) I'm not sure of anything else. When I think of more I'll edit this one.

    edit: you can do a rope trick using a shoelace! The one from how to do street magic is a good one. (As you can see I get a lot of dvd's)
  12. Well, I almost always have cards on me, but when I don't I'll have my wallet (which contains prophet), and on the very rare occasion that I don't have that I do something with whatever is around me(string, paper, coins, whatever).
  13. I recommend On the Spot by Gregory Wilson.

    Plenty of effects using simple, everyday objects that you normal carry around or that your spectator has.

    I normally have a ring on me and try some routines with that or maybe something like coin bends and pulse stops.
  14. I always carry cards with me in my shiny Porper. Which is good, I only perform card magic/flourishes.
  15. Twisting arm. But I never present it as magic.

    Also a simple one-ahead principle is never wrong.
  16. TRIPLE PREDICTION IS KILLER!, also PK pencil by Banachek
  17. I always carry cards and a few other items on me. However, some of my favorite impromptu pieces are:

    - PK Time (Banacheck)
    - Stigmata V2 (Wayne Houchin)
    - Crazy Man's Handcuffs
    - Ring Thing (Garrett Thomas)
    - Mr. Clean Coins Across (Jay Sankey)
    - Hoy Book Test (Richard Osterlind's Handling)
    - Muscle Pass/Coin That Falls Up

    I'm still working on getting Control up to performance level. Have only performed it about 4 times now.
  18. But he doesn't ever try De'Ring any more. :p

    If, for whatever rare reason, I don't have cards on me, I'll generally do something such as Nu Sense which requires a key ring and watch - which I always wear/have when I go out. Just with what I have, I guess.

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