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+YOURSTUFF // Trilogy Contest / Release Date Announced


theory11 artist
Sep 1, 2007
Just one week ago, Dave and I in association with theory11 announced a contest calling for members around the world to submit a video of your own creation. Your own trick. Your own flourish. Your own everythingelse. The winning submission will be included on the actual andthensome DVD, to be seen by thousands of magicians and flourishers around the world in the days, months, and years to come.

Today, we announce the winner. After looking over dozens of submissions - both tricks and flourishes - D&D have named Garry Anggawinata the winner of this challenge. Garry's submission of his original flourish sequence was well thought out, smooth, and intricate. The video of his sequence and his instruction thereof will be available on the andthensome DVD. Congrats to Garry and everyone else who participated - this was an amazing experience.

One last detail this evening: the release date has been set. The Trilogy : andthensome will be formally released here with the full length preview video on Friday, February 27th at 3:00pm EST. Mark your calendar. Write it in your diary. Do whatever it takes. Andthensome.

Dan Buck

May 2, 2008
Congratulations Gary.

Will people who did not win post there submissions on youtube or something? I would be curious to look at other ones!


Oct 28, 2007
that is awesome congratulations gary, i figured it would be a flourish since there weren't many flourishes on the list.

by any chance can we see the other submissions? just out of curiosity.
Nov 18, 2008
I wonder if part of Garry's video will be included in the full trailer....which is going to be AWESOME.
Sep 1, 2007
Thanks a lot Dan & Dave and Theory11 for organizing this competition. It was lots of fun producing my video, and I'm sure other participants could say the same.

Also, congratulations to everyone else who entered. I know you put a lot of effort and dedication into your videos as well! This was an awesome experience and definitely promoted creativity among magicians and flourishers.


EDIT: And it'd be even sexier if the other contestants could post links to their videos =) They definitely deserve recognition for their hard work and participation!

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ceo / theory11
Team member
Jul 23, 2007
New York City
Congrats to Garry and special thanks to everyone who participated in this. It was pretty incredible to see how many creations were submitted in such a limited amount of time. We realize that it's quite an undertaking to film, edit, and produce a video on ANYTHING in just 7 days, let alone something original of your own creation.

Garry's submission was original, captivating, and very well produced. Congrats again - this will be an outstanding addition to the andthensome DVD.
Nov 3, 2007
To t11

HEY! T11. Garry, well done! :) Waiting for full DVD . Want to see your creation :)

J.B., Dan and Dave and all T11 team... It could be cool to show us all vids from all members of this contest. Realy, PLZ create special THREAD in media section and post all vids (of course not Garry's :)).
SO I'm waiting !!! :)

One more time THNX for this contest.
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