Youth Magicians - What Would You Ask the Pro's?

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  1. Hey, everyone.

    Some folks here may know that I am a columnist for the Linking Ring Magazine, a monthly publication for members of the International Brotherhood of Magicians.

    I am beginning to work on a completely new column for the magazine that is focused on the youth of magic, and the problems that we face. Many things are more difficult as a young entertainer: getting gigs, dealing with money, being taken seriously by clients, and more. So imagine that you are at a magic convention and have the chance to ask some of the best minds in magic any questions you may have about the problems that you face. What would you ask? Let me know. Leave your questions here and if we choose to use yours you will be contacted and mentioned in the article.

    Thanks, guys!

  2. How do you avoid being "another magician"?
    Why is so hard to succed in this business?
    why do you think young magicians, want to be cooler than the "old" ones? and what do you think older magicians should have from younger generations?
  3. Fantastic questions, Luis. Thanks!

  4. Whats the biggest mistake you've made in your career?

    How do you keep the love and interest in your art alive?

    What do you think about the growing trend of magic online, and Flourishing and all the other developments.

    Why is there such a gap between Pro's and "non-pro" magician's at conventions?
  5. Assuming magic is how you make your living; after a certain point, does magic just seem like work to you? Has the enjoyment been lost, or do you still love everything about it?

    ...and of course the obligatory...

    wats ur fav deck!?!!
  6. Best ways of controlling the funny guy you always get in a big audience?

    Best thing to do if an error occurs?

    Way of acting , type of tricks, etc... so that adults take you into account?
  7. If you could have your time again, what one thing would you do differently?
  8. Is it better to market yourself as a jack of all trades, such as balloon sculptor, birthday party performer, close up, etc. (This is currently what I do to keep the money and gigs coming in)

    Is it better to hone in on one specific area and become the very best in that one area and market yourself off of that?
  9. I would research who was going to be there, and buy and study their work. If I never had this chance, I would ask them about themselves first. Based on this information, I would ask them questions based on links that I thought we had in common. And I would ask for specific advice on something, not general questions.
  10. Pra, I definitely understand what you're saying, however I think you took the question a little bit too literally. The point of the column is to give young magicians solutions to the issues that they face in their magic careers, not to actually mimic sitting and having a conversation with the pro's.

    The questions are GREAT, guys. I could've come up with things to cover in the article, but it's so much better to really reach out and see the problems facing young magicians across the world. That is exactly what I want this new column to be about. So thanks for the questions, and keep them coming! If I don't contact you about using your question right away, don't fret; I'll get up with you as I continue putting things together.

    Thanks again,

  11. I hear you, Cliff. I would add though, that I would go to different people for different solutions. Even amongst top pros, I think that some people will hold more useful advice than others depending on their areas of expertise. I would for example love to ask someone like Paul Vigil about creating presentations - but I would talk with Banachek about integrating theory and other performance elements into a trick.

    But for the sake of adding an actual question, which is of course what you're asking:

    Young magicians often have difficulty being taken seriously. What would you recommend doing to at least partially negate this issue?
  12. What is the best way to get a gig?
    Without being outright disrespectful, what's the best way to get the audience to give you money (street performances/unscheduled performances)?
    What are the kind of places that would like a young adult (if I can consider myself that) to perform gigs? For example, coffee shops, restaurants, what?
  13. Where as a teenage or a kid should we start out performing? Infront of friends? At school? at the park? Should we meet people and establish ourselves as a magician to become better known in our community?
  14. In all seriousness.

    "Daniel Garcia. . . Can I have a hug?"

    Plus I think the first question my friend Luis Vega asked was very good. "How do you avoid being 'just another magician'?"
  15. Exactly. We feel the same way and that has been an idea from the beginning. We already have some of the top pro's in magic that have agreed to take part, and more will be coming soon. I want there to be different viewpoints and something for everyone in this column. Very glad to see our ideas resonate in the community!

    These questions are great, guys. I leave tomorrow (well, technically today) for the Midwest Magic Jubilee, but hope to be contacting some of you about your using your questions when I get back.

    Keep 'em coming!

  16. No worries Cliff. Apologies for possibly coming off a bit more counter-productive than I intended. :)
  17. Well, as is common in the road towards any piece of art, the column has hit a road block. After much consideration my editor feels that this column would be too similar to a piece written by Shawn Farquar. Shawn's articles are fantastic and I highly recommend everyone checks them out.

    That said, I have to regroup. I wanted to first come here as you guys have been so great with your questions and comments. So tell me, as youth magicians, what is an article you want to see for yourself? What is something you would want to pick up and read in order to help advance your magic. I'd love to hear everyone's ideas, whether you are currently a youth or not.

    Thanks again, guys.


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