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Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by TheJoo, Jan 26, 2009.

  1. i uploaded a video to youtube and the audio wont play because you tube says that because it is violating copy right infrigment!!! this has never happen before wat do i do?
  2. Not use any audio (or video, really) that you don't own the rights to. Say you film a magic or flourishing video, but you use a song by Britney Spears (who knows, maybe she's your favourite singer) as the background audio. Because you don't own the rights to the audio, your video will be muted. YouTube is really cracking down on copyright infringement.
  3. ... Vimeo? Atleast another option.
  4. It depends on the artist for copyright infringement. Youtube has been sort of jumping the gun with some stuff. (Deleting videos if they don;t like content etc.)
  5. You can change the song to one in there database.
  6. am i the only one to find this ironic? if you do not understand here you go
  7. *Deep breath* AAHHHH! HAHAHAHA!! Sorry about that outburst, thanks for the laugh tally, but I hope this thread doesn't turn into that one lol. I still think you should move it around to another site. Youtube's getting way too strict now.

  8. I dont becuase if my songs in my videos were copyrighted then they would remove it from the video. Also do you two follow me around the forum?
  9. Dude, I posted on this thread before you did. I'm not gonna argue with you though because this is about TheJoo.... and it's "because"...

    Joo, I hope you find a way around your problem man.
  10. I was never looking to argue.
  11. I didn't say that you were, I just said that I wouldn't. If it should turn that way I mean.
  12. 1. Mystifier. you obviously don't know about copyright. If something is CREATED, it is copyrighted (as long as someone claims it). But Lance and Criss have not contacted youtube about deleteing thier stuff when the computer program recognizes the audio for thier own reasons.

    2. TheJoo: I would try vimeo.
  13. I always hit the MUTE button on the YouTube player when I hear one of these songs anyway. I want to see what you guys have to offer, and enjoy the videos more when your performances stand on their own.

    But having said that, there are a lot of small artists looking to get noticed the same way you guys are. is probably the best place to start.

    I also can't help but be reminded of Paper Crane Productions, who pride themselves on original music. I know not everyone here has the means to work on their own music, but the option does exist.

    And not to be a prophet of doom, but Google / YouTube have better resources to stand up against the RIAA. I can not foresee this mass move to Vimeo yielding anything more than short-term results, since I can not see Vimeo having the same kinds of money to stand up for themselves.
  14. Another option is to find royalty-free music. There's heaps of it out there, just do a search. All they composers ask is that they are credited for their work. As for going with other video sites, well, the more popular they get the more they will crack down as well. You see, the owners of the original material (record company's mostly) will keep tabs on their copyrighted material. Don't think so? Try posting a well recognized song, by say... Universal Records, and see how long it lasts.

    One more, and I recommend this over everything, is you could get a software (Acid, or Fruity Loops, etc..) and create your own music. It's not that difficult and you can put ques where you want them to emphasize the effect you're performing.

    And lastly, I want to clear one more thing up. Copyrights. Here is the short version. Whatever you make, whatever!, is technically copyrighted as soon as you stamp it DONE. This is called "The Poor Man's" copyright. But there is a catch. As soon as you duplicate the original you need to copyright that image, video, music, whatever. You can do so by sending in the right information with a check ($35 per original work, I believe) and you can get the real deal, squeaky clean, all yours copyright, fully legal. Or, you can create a publishing company for yourself. Then what ever you create under your publishing company's name will be copyrighted. No $35 a pop. Anything and everything will be yours. If people want to use it they must go through your association (BMI, ASCAP, etc...) and meet your conditions to use your work. There you have it. That's the quick copyrights 101 course. Want to learn more, go to the library ;).

  15. Who knows, now that youtube is becoming more strict, maybe they won't allow little kids to reveal popular magic tricks. Just maybe....
  16. My god, I saw a little girl maybe five years old doing shapeshifter, and revealing it! I mean she sat down, and explained how to do it. I don't mean to go off topic, but it's really gettin bad.
  17. I saw that too! Because now you can flag videos saying it infringes my copyright. That's what I've been up to. Let the revolution begin!flag all revealing exposure videos. Oh if your wondering, iwas the one who told her fail. Don't reveal magic.
  18. haha, It's a good idea. Viva La Revolution! lol
  19. Nah it will be a wasted effort. Besides some of those videos might help someone get started in magic.

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