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    GUYS! There is a guy that has started to reveal effects, and as it seems, on a regular basis. I know this happens a lot but this makes me especially mad since no one seems to care. IS THERE ANY WAY that I can stop this dude? He's name is ''[edited by moderator]''. I guess that if everyone went to his channel and flagged everything? Is there a way to stop these things from happening`?

  2. Looks like he is a big Zach Mueller fan ;) No, just kidding.

    Unfortunately you can't do anything - there is no copyright on magic tricks.
    But if you flag his videos "without reason", your Youtube-account will probably get deleted...
  3. If it is a trick that has just been released lets say a Daniel Garcia effect than there is a copyright to that effect. If the trick has been around for decades then its a public domain trick.
  4. Unfortunely thats not true. A new trick/sleight is not copyrighted ( you can however copyright you're written description or choreography) meaning even if its not right you can do whatever you want.
  5. I've passed details to the powers that be. Thanks for letting us know! :)
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