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  1. Hey all!! so I'm relatively new to the whole YouTube game and I would like some feedback on some of my videos, I only have 2 uploads at the moment and I'd like to get a headstart by you guys telling me what you would like to see in future uploads and any tips on improving my videos, so if you guys could check out both of my videos and comment here with some feedback, it would be much appreciated. :) Oh and please subscribe if you like what you see and I'll try my best to uphold satisfaction!

    Here's a link to my latest one:

    This one is a little bit of a weird video, I'm not much of a cardist but I applied most of my knowledge to it.
    Hope to hear from you soon! :)
  2. I personally do not have any videos on my Youtube channel as of presently. Although, I would love to really become skillful at making videos and matching the lighting, music, etc. I cannot speak from an experienced cinematographers perspective upon your videos, but as an average cardist I can indeed say that your videos are awesome. The flourishes, magic, and everything else that you put into the video was awesome. I would just try to make the lighting more clear. Just to make it more bright and easier to see. So, I would say that your videos are pretty awesome. Keep up the skill and hard work!
  3. Thank you for the feedback, I will definitely try my best to work on what you have mentioned. :)
  4. I only watched about 2/3 of the one you first posted.

    Props for not using the same music that everyone else does. But otherwise - this is floating hands playing with cards, with a crotch as a backdrop. I watched over a minute of video and couldn't pick you out of a lineup. Why not show your face?

    Further, other than the speech in the background (Which is someone else's statement) what are you trying to say with this video? What are you trying to convey?

    Are you advertising yourself? If so, you need to show yourself earlier so people know who they are watching.

    Are you displaying art? If so, what is your art trying to say?

    Are you displaying skill? If so .. well, this one I guess you got but my personal opinion is that pure displays of skill are the least interesting way of doing these sorts of things.

    This is my opinion, of course. I could be wrong.
  5. i liked this quite a bit more then the average cardistry video. What's the audio from?
  6. Thank you for your honest opinion.
  7. The music is from and the speech is bits and pieces extracted from Nate Staniforth's Ted Talk.

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