Z-Grip Discovery

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  1. Currently obsessed with the Sybil.

    The Z-Grip is an essential part of the Sybil. I first learned the Z-Grip by starting off in Mechanics Grip to pull off the 3 key packets.

    When working with the Sybil I first had issues sectioning off the right amount of packets. Second I was having trouble clearing the middle packet to the bottom before the transfer to the modified straddle grip in my master hand. The middle packet would always collide with the bottom packet. The end result is that while I'm able to execute the Sybil, I can't execute it smoothly.

    Just now I decided to make a slight modification. Instead of starting the Z-Grip off in Mechanics Grip I choose to start off in Straddle Grip. By doing so I noticed a huge difference in my execution. First it was much easier to section off the right amount of packets for the Z-Grip. Second, it was much easier for me to clear the middle packet to the bottom. The collision I was experiencing before wasn't that much of an issue at all. Also, I was able to get a much better grip on that middle packet when I went for the transfer to the modified Straddle Grip in my master hand.

    So from this point forward I'll be starting off in Straddle Grip to pull of the Z-Grip versus starting off in Mechanics Grip. Anyways I hope that made sense and that it might help anyone else out there that is working with the Z-Grip or the Sybil.
  2. I prefer to start my Z-Grip in an elevated grip rather than a straddle. That way my pinky doesn't get in the way of me breaking off packets. Might want to give that a try too!
  3. Elevated Grip is what I meant. LOL! Still trying to get all the terminology down.

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