Zach, MJ, Patrick Cardistry Style - Red Cards?

Discussion in 'General Discussion' started by reckone1999, Nov 3, 2012.

  1. hi, i just figured i'd ask here to see if i could get a response, as i couldn't get responses through the people involved in the video, but what cards are these that are used in the cardistry style video with patrick, michael, and zach?

    the red ones with the f on them.

    to whomever can help, thanks in advance
  2. That's Zach's Fontaine deck. As far as I know they're unavailable for purchase.
  3. Curious as to where you got this information. It would make sense but I've not seen any information about them,are you just assuming they're his cards?
    T11 are releasing new decks before Christmas apparently, it could be one of them.
  4. will these be a theory 11 release eventually?
  5. Some people say Zach is going to keep these to himself but we may never know unless he tells us himself, but there cool as hell.
  6. I guess I am just assuming that Zach created this deck.
  7. I think that they are not in fact fontaine cards but a limited deck created by fournier, I cannot come up with an idea for why Zach would make a deck based on an effect he created. It sounds almost ridiculous, it is much more likely that it is a fournier deck.
  8. Well he created lots of fontaine stuff after he released his effect fontaine. There's even a picture on instagram of him editing the design of the deck which leads me to believe that he probably designed them. They look pretty cool and they kind of remind me of jerry's nuggets colors.
  9. edited. nevermind. i have to think that he would release these, knowing what it costs to print a deck, especially one that's worth printing he'd have to release these, keeping them is tantamount to buying a car and not a used car either.
  10. Those are Zach Mueller personalized cards... You can personalize yours in the united states playing cards company. If you watch closely on the video, all cards are standard, just look the ace of spades, is a common bicycle ace of spades, he just changed the back of the cards and like Arman says, he uses a lot the "Fontaine" word, so he could make design and put it on the back of a card.
  11. That was going to be my guess, most Bicycle decks come with an ad card for custom decks. (back only) I guess that means you could get an image of the design and have your own made if you really want them.
  12. If you download splicer his new effect on the wire he calls them the fontaine deck thats what they are
  13. Also you can see fontaine all over the floor in the Splicer trailer.

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