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  1. The newest thing. Coming out on Halloween. It's expensive and apparently can instantly hypnotize anyone to fall asleep instantly. I doubt I'll be getting this because I just have no use for it... but jeez... I'm shocked something like this would ever be released.

  2. I'm not sure about it, I won't even consider getting it until I hear review as the ole' "anyone can do it within X ammount of time" is always a questionable statement.

    If its as great and as easy as they say it is, I may get it in the future but as of now I have no use for it.

  3. Weird...

    Very expensive effect. Never seen something like this. Looks slightly illegal as well :p

    Idk I'll have to wait for the reviews, if somebody dares to buy it... :p
  4. Ii'm not comfortable to walking up to random people, pushing them onto the ground and yelling SLEEP!
  5. Hmm...Interesting. Way out of my price range but I'm interested in seeing some performences.
  6. Whats with the violent tugging off the arm? If this dude came up to me and did this, I'd punch his lights out. I smell a lawsuit brewing.

    "Lets go out and zap some people." -- Gordon Fang-Wong

    Who let this guy out of jail?
  7. They say that not everyone in the world can be hypnotized... What if you do this to someone and they don't fall down? Well... that'll be a little bit weird.

  8. Why would they sell this? Then people could just knock you out and take your money.
  9. And people can cheat at poker and pick your pockets with such DVDs on the market. The $150 price should keep such offenders from buying this.

    Additionally about the arm tugging, I don't know much about hypnosis but such is used to throw there mind into suggestion or something or other (again I don't know much and actually can't remember).

  10. Yeah i have heard something like that before too, it was funny to see the guys son hypnotize the big guy
  11. I just don't like the presentation...

    "Ready? 1...2...3... SLEEP!" *Yanks arm out of socket*

    Sounds like a great effect, apparently you can make people forget the number 4.
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    People, I have a theory. It's an educated guess, but I believe it's right. For the $150.00, they send you a pair of steel toes to place in your shoes. All you have to do is pull them to the ground, then "thwack" them in the head with your shoe. (In other words, kick them in the head/face area. It obviously takes skill to hit them unnoticed by the crowd, but he can do it. Note in the second performance, how after he falls, when the camera goes down, he moves his foot away from his head, and in the third performace, his foot is right by the "victim's" head. Just go buy some steel-toed boots. Simple.
  13. i will deffienntly look into this
  14. hmm, hasnt this type of effect been published before?
    i remember reading in one of the books that when the relaxed mind is hit with a sudden jolt it goes into shock. the handshake with the sudden tug and the SLEEP pretty much mirror the relaxation versus shock thing.
  15. I would hate to go on the street and have someone make me sleep by violently pulling my arm down.
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    In my opinion it looks like a martial arts move. I mean the way he hold them then pulls them down. Just because of the fact that not everyone will get hypnotized means that this product is not worth it. If you attack someone on the street and they don't get hypnotized then you in alot of trouble.

    Edit: I just remembered something. This is a simple fainting method. In school alot of people knew how to faint people. They would just do some werid things to the guy ans they would faint. Don't buy this. YOu will get fooled.
  17. I have quite a bit of admittedly self instructed experience in hypnosis and such things, so I'll chime in.

    The arm tugging is a pattern interrupt as used in the handshake situations. In this country, the US for me, it is customary to want to shake someone's hand when they offer theirs. When you then do something outside the realm of what they expect, like tug their arm hard, it interrupts the expected pattern of behavior.

    This ideally creates a moment of "what do I do now, I've never been in this situation before" within the subject, thus opening them up to suggestion quickly. Ideally.

    The yanking of the arm does seem overly violent in the video, but keep in mind that when someone you don't know well thinks you have the ability to hypnotize them, and they are open to hypnosis, this opens the door to a trance state much more easily than walking up to someone and yanking their arm.

    Looking at the backgrounds in the video, it's likely they were hired at some event and the people attending expected hypnotists to be there. Thus, before the hypnotist walked up to them, they were more likely than your average stranger to expect to be hypnotized.

    It's all speculation of course, and I may not make much sense because I can't tell how much of what I wrote was the Stoli talking, but that's what I'm offering.

  18. Also, why does everyone assume this is geared toward a "street" performer? Not everything released to the magic world is geared for the same audience, and I didn't catch anything in the video mentioning walking up to someone on the street and doing this.

    Just curious. Again, it could be the Stoli.

  19. Haha WOW! That was amazing. :D At least now I know you can walk up to someone and talk instead of having to just go up to someone and just yell "SLEEP!" This makes things a lot better.


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