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  1. now that were moving closer tot he release of it, how many people will be picking this up?
    maybe for Xmas
  2. I think ZAP is a joke, its way over priced and its NOTHING new and nothing and i mean NOTHING can hypnotize anyone. Dont get this, there are way better methods then this, pulling someones arm is also very rude and doing so can get you in troubble.
  3. He actually pulled the person in and headbutted them silently.

    Hence, knocking him out.
  4. this thing is amazing! a few weeks ago i saw Jay do this and i was like wow!

    the jerking isn't really a problem they don't even remember it really and you can make forget any number you want, jay made the guy forget the number 7 and but he says it can be used differently.

    i think it is pretty cool because there is no pre-talk or anything else it is just spontaneous and awsome too bad it is so expensive
  5. Anyone and everyone can be hypnotized. Many don't know this, but you actually enter a state of trance yourself around 60 times a day.

    Hypnosis is natural and a part of us. All a hypnotist does is guide you into the state and knows how to keep ya there.

    As far as the arm pulling, it does not have to be nearly as violent as he does it, at least that is what Jay tells me.

    I thinks its incredibly stupid to sell a product like this on a site where little kids visit and parents give their credit card to willy nilly so they can purchase it.

    As a side note, Ive been studying hypnosis for four years, and bought Zap so I can give an unbiased view about it, and truthfully let you all know if something better out there exists. I'm hoping it can back up its claims.

    Look for a review as soon as it ships.

  6. It's just not right to think you can take control of someone like that. And if you think it's okay, how would you think if someone did it to you?
  7. Sounds good Thrall. I also agree. As awesome as Zap looks, something like that should not be out in the open for anyone to buy like this. (At least that's my opinion.)


  8. Try to pull my arm and hypnotize me if that's what you think. Better yet, pull my finger.

    Good luck on that.
  9. Do you honestly not believe in hypnosis?

    We had a professional hypnotist come to my college and hypnotize a group of students, several of whom are close friends of mine. Hell, my ex-girlfriend was one of them, and I know for a fact she didn't know the hypnotist before hand.

    Hypnotism, suggestion, trance, even post-hypnotic suggestion, the idea that you can ingrain a command that will still be there after the subject "wakes up", it's all very real, and very powerful. As far as I know, it can't be done without the subject's consent and cooperation. . . or at least, it can't be done if the subject genuinely doesn't want it to happen, or tries to avoid it.

    Basically, if you go into it saying "you won't hypnotize me", it won't work. If you go in willingly, it most definitely will. So, in your case, hypnotism would probably be a bomb.
  10. This is just so wrong. People can just walk up to your front door as some random salesperson or whoever they want to fake as, attempt to greet you by shaking your hands... then BAM! You can't help yourself on the ground from getting robbed.
    Why and how on earth this effect is allowed for the world to purchase and learn. As if the world isn't dangerous enough these days.
  11. At the age of 10, I saw a cartoon in which a man was hypnotized and forced to do anything the hypnotist wanted. Act like a chicken, eat onions...kill people. Anyway, I saw this (remember, I was 10 years old at the time) and thought 'Wow, how cool would it be to be able to do this?" So the next day, I got up and researched. And I learned. And yes, I did it. I hypnotized people. True, at this age I'd never heard of rapid inductions, it took me quite a while with each subject (eye fixation, tension and relaxion method, I seem to remember) but I still did it. At the age of 10. It didn't cost me a penny. Four years later and I can do it reasonably well now. Rapid inductions, whatever. A 14 year old kid that can hypnotize people. And the only money I've ever spent on it was a $25 (that or thereabouts) book (Deeper and Deeper, the Secrets of Stage Hypnotism by Jon Chase, recommended for anyone who's into hypnosis just for the confidence boost). I'm not 21, I didn't need to buy any $150 dvd promising me powers to 'instantly get anyone under'. I just went away and learned it. It's called research. It isn't particularly hard to do. I managed it when I was 10. And this time, it really payed off. I don't go around bending complete strangers to my will but hypnosis really helped me gain confidence in life and helped me communicate better in general. So I'm not saying Don't Get Zap, it might be a wonder product for all I know. All I'm saying is why spend $150 on a dvd without researching first? Seems a little stupid to me...

    Just my $0.02.
    Adam B
  12. Zap Stands for Lawsuit. lol
  13. Performer: "Lets go out and Zap people."
    Police Officers: "Lets go out and arrest Zappers."
  14. My hypnotism isn't what it once was, but I doubt that even this zap thingy could cause you to walk up to someone's door and hypnotise them and steal their stuff.
    If it does, uh oh.
  15. I have a feeling Peter McKinnon is right. It seems to me like a weapon of mass dysfunction at the hands of unrealistic narcistic pricks with big cash.
  16. zap works guys i put up a bunch of videos on youtube

    user name closeupsj or just look up zap by hon wong

    no preshow stooges or confederates

    works great and as people have said the pull isnt as hard as it looks looks violent they dont feel it and i do it even less forcefully now worth the 150 bucks pick it up if u like it
  17. Yes it does work. Very interesting stuff. However, I found out that I couldn't do it directly after going over the DVD and booklet multiple times. I didn't have all the knowledge that I wanted. Key word here is "I". I'm not saying that the DVD may not have all the information in it, but I felt like I needed more. I went out and purchased a few books to get more adept to Hypnosis and it paid off.

    I can perform Zap, but I also found out that it is common knowledge in hypnotists text. All in all, I think Zap is a great DVD collection and great for starting to build your knowledge on Hypnotism.

    Also, for everyone thinking that it is a lawsuit, the preview of it doesnt do it justice. You can't just randomly go up to someone and do it. You have to ask them, tell them exactly what you are going to do, and make sure they concent. If they don't, THEN it is a lawsuit, but if it is their concent to do it, they got nothing on you. In the book and DVD it explains all the ways to avoid this kind of stuff.
  18. This is what I've been saying all along.

    There is no such thing as hypnosis done on the unwilling. The desire to be in a trance HAS to be there. The people in this thread saying things like "law suits" and "dangerous" and "robbery" are believing in things completely untrue.

    No one can trance you unless you want it to happen. ThrallMind is right when he said

    It's true. It's called daydreaming. Reading a book. Watching a movie. Studying for a test. Driving a car. Same thing. Concentration, imagination, willingness and suggestion. That's it.

    And Randomwrath, your story mirrors my own. Except you seem to be far, far more advanced in knowledge than I was at your age.
  19. It's only dangerous because of the arm pull. some have said that a few people might accidentally dislocate a persons arm or when they fall to the ground they could get hurt. etc.
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    Well, in the video (and I believe in the book, also) they go over the fact that you shouldn't yank the person's arm, and that the trailer is a bit misleading in that way. It's more along the lines of a handshake. :)

    As for what I think of the effect, I'm not a big fan. It's not that there's anything wrong with the method, per se, but it just doesn't suit me. I find a lengthier (albeit only by a small amount) induction a bit more...interesting for the audience to watch. And more psychologically convincing, as well, as it more closely fits their schema for what hypnosis should look/be like. :)

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