zarrow shuffle battle

Discussion in 'Battles : Ready to Rumble' started by Riffleactionpalm, Jan 13, 2010.

  1. Does anyone want to battle me?

    As in... shoot the video today and have it up there for voting....

    I already have a video made.. please battle me, it will be well worth it!!!!
  2. Sure dude, I can have a video made by tonight.
  3. update: I'm not doing the battle. I talked with riffleactionpalm, It's open to anyone else!
  4. I Watched the two videos in the battle and Riffleactionpalm what the hell, I am mean yeah you did the shuffle but......

  5. Was it a good shuffle?

    My friend shot the video literally about ten minutes after showing me the Gary Plants handling on the Zarrow Shuffle.. This video is very old and was m ainly so I could practice it.

    Did you like it?

    Who did you vote for?
    What did you think about the other guy's video?
  6. LOL. Well the battle lives up to it name in every sense of the word. Do you like the Brad Christian subtitles that I use in my video?
  7. I thought that Brad's subtleties were fantastic!
  8. riffle was that your wife? lol
  9. Wow, nice boo... I mean... nice shuffle!
  10. Personally I hated both and I didn't even find the humor in either, Yours was just pathetic and what a stupid video... I'm sure that against vimeo's rules. There is a difference between stupid and funny and both were just stupid. I won't vote for either Cause Riffleactionpalm... that wasn't even funny... and I hope you get into serious trouble for that.
  11. Vid is on private, but still up.. Password for those who want to watch is zarrow

    I thought it was fantastic!

    How can you hate this?

    Are you gay?
  12. Hell, i'd vote for your video if I could riffleactionpalm. After this battles over i'm going to delete my video, I feel dirty for making it. :D
  13. How can I hate it? What a pathetic question? Here I have one for you... Are you a retard?
  14. If you're going to hate on each other do it via pm. And riffle you must admit thats inappropriate. There is no age limit on the forums so thats pretty messed up.
  15. Holy macaroni epic!!
  16. What a stupid comment, MM is trying to say that by you having that video up in vimeo and IN THEORY11 is just inappropriate
    I dont think you have even read the rules.
    Also both videos were just pointless
  17. @Sidekick..


    Have you even seen the other battle videos?
  18. Yea I bet he has... they don't have woman showing their breasts in them...
  19. Maybe that video is the first one with chesticles then. :D
  20. I think what's funny here is nothing has been done about it, by mods or anything.

    high-five riffleactionpalm. :D

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